Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy ending for tossed puppy

From Eyewitness News:

A little dog was stuffed into a garbage bag and very close to being dumped at a landfill.

An eagle eyed sanitation worker saw the bag move and opened it to find a big surprise.

She found Victoria, a little Shih Tzu inside.

Now, police are searching for the owner.

For Vicky Roman it's almost too painful to talk about.

She was picking up trash in Astoria, Queens and found a tiny, purebred Shih Tzu stuffed in a garbage bag.

"I reached for the bag and something moved and I found her inside the bag. If she had not moved, she would have been in the back of that truck, most definitely," Roman said.

The dog was caked in her own filth. Her eyes were matted-shut and her fur was so tangled-up in her overgrown nails she could barely stand.

The dog was taken to BARC, an animal shelter in Williamsburg, where vets and volunteers are astounded by her recovery.


Anonymous said...

When you find the owner, RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL!!!.

FluShingRezident said...

Thank you for saving the puppy! How effed up are people?

georgetheatheist said...

The Sanit worker had guts: you'd open a moving garbage bag to see what's inside?

Joe said...

How effed up are people ?
Very fucked up !

A certain group buy's these dogs to get "good luck" and when things dont work out they blame it on the dog.
This is the same group of people the put lions & dragons and other mythical creatures around there houses.

Note the word "purebred" here.
Pure-bred "man bred" dogs may be little but also can be nasty tenacious little bastards that bark non stop once they settle in and establish a territory.

A friend of mine has a rescue dog like this, "Sweet dog" at the pound till the meds wore off. Now in 3 weeks its bitten the legs of 3 people including myself. The dog is crazy and refuses to be trained.
Puppy mill purebreds and other animals are usually inbred to the point there batshit crazy and unpredictable liability's s as adults. (Rodeo bucking bulls, Pit Bulls, and Presa Canario's are some example's)

Anonymous said...

No dog refuses to be trained. Most owners don't know the first thing about training. Owners tend to be harder to train than the puppy.