Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is literally a dump

From WPIX:

The lake is a busy area at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. A family was sick of seeing the trash piling up in the water. They contacted PIX11 Reporter Greg Mocker who put on waders to remove some trash.

Hey, if we adequately staffed the park with workers, we wouldn't need reporters to clean it up. But that would mean the City Council would have to allocate adequate funding for it, and it's much more fun to make deals with developers to sell off pieces of the park in return for a "park fund" that will no doubt get looted (again).


Anonymous said...

Where is the Parks Commissioner???

Joe Moretti said...

Another example of government not taking care of a major garbage problem, not only in Jamaica, but elsewhere in New York City. Bloomberg is always tooting his horn about "the greatest city in the world" but yet many parts of it look like garbage dumps and the city just does not address this issue properly.

Anonymous said...

the block where Bloomberg lives, it is the "greatest city in the world".

Queens is invisible to him and his.

But that's the fault of the borough's voters for not making enough noise like you do.

Good for you Joe.

I hope you inspire the lazy f---k ups of Queens to get on the stick and poke their elected officials in the ass!

Anonymous said...

I took the title of the piece to be a nod to the history of the park, which in fact is literally built on a dump, the so called "Valley of Ashes" as mentioned in 'The Great Gatsby".Thought maybe it was a tie in to the movie, but- nah! This is Queens!

Anonymous said...

The rest of the city has moved on but Queens is stuck in the 1980s - its politics, its culture, its appearance.

And the locals seem powerless, or worse, not inclined, to do anything about it.

But ask the typical Queens resident and they will tell you that their elected officials are doing a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

What a way to treat a "flagship park".

I bet that if this trash were dumped within sight of the Tennis Stadium it'd be cleaned up at least once a year.

Joe said...

I bicycle in that park mornings in the summer. It’s getting WORSE you need to carry a weapon and risk getting pat down by the cops. --Not worth it no more biking for me
The parks become a city of mentally ill homeless and winos.
If you go early you can see them laying all over the place. Many laying on benches in urine and feces stained pants reeking nasty from 50 yards away.
You must carry a knife or a weapon many are really crazy and a real danger public.
I have no doubt many are paranoid skitzo's off medication who can "flip" at any time.
The police commissioner should be ashamed of himself for turning a blind eye to this and putting so many people in danger.
Its pure negligence and endangerment
This would never happen in Central or Battery park

Anonymous said...

Time for Brooklyn and Queens to separate from Manhattan. For a new city and/or municipality. It worked before, it can work again.

The clowns in Manhattan care naught for anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Flushing Meadows Park is a disgrace. People live in this park year round. In the summer all of the illegals erect tents and live here - cooking on full blown BBQs. There has always been trash in the lake and streams. The water is always filthy and smells worse than Flushing Bay.

Anonymous said...

I'd hardly call FMCP a "flagship" park.
However IT IS a park and shouldn't be mistreated.

Aren't the local Hispanics, who primarily use it, to be partially blamed for its trashy condition?

"Cerveza, cerveza! Dump the empties on the lawn.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these Latinos need to be displaced.
Isn't that Bloomberg and company's real agenda regarding expanding the USTA's facilities.

They are also using the popular sport of soccer to make it look like the care about the Spanish speaking "natives".

Meanwhile, a season pass to the proposed MLS stadium will be beyond the reach of most hard working class Latinos.

As the Corona nabe begins to gentrify, the rents will also be beyond their reach.

That's the real game that's been going on here.

Anonymous said...

It STARTED as a dump of all the ashes containing arsenic, lead and asbestos from Manhattan furnace firewood and debris.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, it started as a wetland.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's about money being allocated or the park's commissioner - what about the park users!? Their the ones leaving behind heaps of garbage after every visit. Maybe the humans of the city should stop being such trash themselves, and then our parks would remain clean.