Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh, Danny Boy!

From CBS New York:

He’s already facing trial on corruption charges — and now there are new troubles for City Councilman Dan Halloran.

The latest allegations involve sexual misconduct, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reported Monday.

What really went on inside Councilman Halloran’s office? If he turned it into match.com, and dated two of his staffers, it could turn into Ilostmyjob.com.

“Let me be clear: if these new allegations against Council member Halloran are true we will throw the book at him,” City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said.

Quinn was furious about reports that Halloran is dating a 23-year-old intern and previously dated a $30,000-a-year aide, vowing to kick him out of the council if the reports are true. She said dating a staffer could create a hostile work place.

“We have zero tolerance for sexual harassment and that type of behavior in the council. Zero tolerance,” Quinn said.

Quinn said she ordered her counsel and the Ethics Committee to investigate. In fact, the council speaker didn’t waste any time. She ordered the Ethics Committee to take up the Halloran matter this week.

From the NY Post:

He threw away his marriage for a co-ed staffer half his age, and now Dan Halloran, the city councilman already under indictment in an alleged plot to rig the mayoral race, could lose his seat after another seamy office romp.

Halloran, 41, a cocky Queens Republican and a practicing pagan, has been carrying on with 23-year-old Denise Batista since she was an intern in his council office, sources told The Post.

The brunette beauty was seen covering her face at Halloran’s Flushing home when FBI agents led him out in handcuffs during his predawn arrest April 2, when he was charged in Democratic state Sen. Malcolm Smith’s alleged plot to bribe his way onto the GOP mayoral ticket.

Halloran could be hit with disorderly-conduct sanctions — including dismissal — if found to have violated the council’s ethics policy with Batista or a previous deputy chief of staff with whom he had a relationship.

Batista, a student and tennis player at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, first hooked up with Halloran while she was working for him, an “absolute no-no” under city and council rules, a council source said. Batista has since quit her intern gig.

It became clear to other staffers last fall that Batista, who filed and answered phones, was dating her boss.

“There was this ‘here we go again’ ” feeling among staff, said a source close to Halloran.


Anonymous said...

You can't dye your hair in prison Dan.

Anonymous said...

Didn't he have some kind of brain operation last year??

Anonymous said...

Didn't he take dating lessons from granny rapist, Dennis Pee Gallagher?

Anonymous said...

There goes your campaign, 2 vote Chrissy!

I wonder if Dan ever made her assume the position
before she got her job as his chief of staff?

What goes around, comes around!

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it but Mike Schenckler was right about Halloran being a total weirdo...unfit to hold any public office.

his political opponent, Kevin Kim, was a carpet bagging Ackerman stooge.
What real choice did we have between a weirdo and a shady candidate?

Dan appears to have the mind of an over sexed adolescent...one who enjoys dressing up in tribal drag...wenching and drinking like a lusty Viking.

"Open up the mead hall, me boys, and lets raise a horn to the gods".

If this situation weren't so sad, it would truly be funny.

Kurtlove666 said...

I really, REALLY can't wait for the dirt to be dished on Christine Quinn...she spends a lot of time throwing bricks out the windows of her glass house.

Danny Boy dated consenting adults, not minors or the mentally-challenged. Isn't Christine just another man-hating lesbian that never worked out her daddy issues?? Or does she has something worse to hide...

Queens Crapper said...

Has nothing to do with consent. It's an ethics violation to sleep with your staff.

Al Goldstein said...

I'm voting Republican.

Anonymous said...

If it's good enough for the President of the United States it's good enough for a lowly city councilman.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait till Marcia Kramer camps out in-front of his landlords office for an Impromptu interview.

Anonymous said...

“We have zero tolerance for sexual harassment and that type of behavior..."

I guess Quinn will reject any endorsement from former president BJ Clinton.

Anonymous said...

These young women are using their inate talents to get ahead and all they're getting is a huge blow to their reputation. Good. They deserve it. As for Halloran, he is an immature man-child who should have never been elected to public office in the first place. He gets what he deserves too.

Anonymous said...

Were these two woman opportunity seekers?

Or were they in love with the Councilman?

What will they say to the investigators?

Will they lawyer up?

It will be told -- no doubt.

Where was Ms. Voskirichian while all this obvious stuff was going on?

Anonymous said...

In love with the councilman?
RU kidding?

Look at that man...he's a porker.

If they're in love with him, then their eyesight is poor...or love is truly blind.

The man is VERY far from being an Adonis.
A pig has more sex appeal.


Lynda the Swinga said...

Why do I always work for sexual deviants?

BTW, anyone out there want to hire an overfed, sexually desperate, under qualified, corrupt staffer?

I have 10 years + experience as a staffer for city council members, sexual predators preferred.

Ed said...

The bullshit that Dan does my adopted religion doesn't tolerate

Anonymous said...

"Full of herself" Voskerichian is running for Halloran's seat. That was always in cards. Yes, what goes around comes around and this phony horse mouth will continue to be a public disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Where was Ms. Voskirichian while all this obvious stuff was going on? Rumor has it that she spends a lot of time "servicing" the "land lord". i cant wait for the pasty, rotund, mumbo jumbo pagan to rat her out in order to save his own flogging scared sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Vito Lopez running for City Council?

Quinn's going to deny him a seat if elected?

Joe Moretti said...

I was totally shocked by this news that little fat whitey piggy Dan was having sex with his intern..................Dan actually has sex and someone was actually willing to fuck him!

Anonymous said...

To Anon #8: Pleeease don't vote republican..

Anonymous said...

Fat boy was never a cop,he was a cadet for a whopping 4 months...........

Anonymous said...

Dan's burned his bridges in Broadway-Flushing.
A lot of former Republicans have switched to Democrat.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Dan really wind up speechifying.
He obviously has great oral skills that might excite an impressionable young horny intern or two.

Anonymous said...

Dan is not running for a second term.
He'll be too busy serving a term in prison.

Anonymous said...

The Councilman's Office sounds like "Peyton Place".

Is Miss Voskerichian married?

Who is the "landlord"? Is he married?

Has Mr. Halloran officially withdrawn from the race?

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that a local shell civic group leader is extremely nervous over his role in funneling money from Danny boy and passim it off as "payment" for "donated" landscaping around a certain sign.

If Danny sings how the world will crumble. Instead of talking to his friends and consulting with an attorney, he should sit down with the Feds and turn evidence in.

Save yourself boy-o and start making rainbow bars.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather flock together. They have to get the entire flock.

There must be a lot of nervous individuals out there waiting for the next shoe to drop. If he was really doing favors for the mob, he may have to watch his back.

Pillow talk may be a source of good information for the authorities.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy looks like a self important slut.

What's she getting out of this...$$$$$ or Dan's pork?
I think that Station Road Civic is a phony.

Anonymous said...

Did Halloran ever take his job as seriously as he did
his wining and wenching?

Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Give a man a leather Theod skirt to wear, and he thinks he's Conan The Barbarian, with at least 8" sticking out in front.

So my bourgeois little district winds up in the center of a tawdry melodrama...Peyton Place, exactly!

Thanks, Dan, for putting us on the map.
Maybe real estate values will climb higher now.

Anonymous said...

Jeanette Mc Donald and Nelson Eddie think that our pagan love god needs a pagan love song.

(Forget the filmography.
Check it out for yourself on YouTube).

"I'm calling you...hoo, hoo, hoo....hoo, hoo, hoo..."!

"C'mon Meghan...Chrissy. Can't you hear me calling"?

Anonymous said...

A phony self-important slot..that's what Voskerichian is.