Saturday, April 27, 2013

New recycling rules for plastic


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor for Operations Cas Holloway and Sanitation Commissioner John J. Doherty [Wednesday] announced the expansion of the City’s recycling program to include for the first time the recycling of all rigid plastics, including toys, hangers, shampoo bottles, coffee cups and food containers. The expansion of plastics recycling – which begins today – is part of the City’s Solid Waste Management Plan and is made possible, in part, through a partnership with SIMS Municipal Recycling whose recycling facilities are equipped to handle the broad range of plastic recycling. The recycling expansion will result in more than 50,000 additional tons of waste a year no longer ending up in landfills at a savings to City taxpayers of almost $600,000 each year in export costs, and for rigid plastics, it is recommended that New Yorkers should rinse and recycle it.

“Starting today, if it’s a rigid plastic – any rigid plastic – recycle it,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “There is no more worrying about confusing numbers on the bottom of the container. This means that 50,000 tons of plastics that we were sending to landfills every year will now be recycled and it will save taxpayers almost $600,000 in export costs each year.”


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to recycle Mayor Bloomcrap!!!

Anonymous said...

There goes John Liu's stir-fry take out business.
He'll have to raise prices.

Anonymous said...

Cans, containers, bottle & of tuna, tomato's sauce, beans, noodles etc. Pickup what every 7 days ?
The rats are gonna love this welcome to the new Zhanglidong getto !

Anonymous said...

And what about Snapple bottles and the like?

Anonymous said...

I want to see Mayor Bloomcrap gone permanently, not recycled as future political litter.

GO BACK TO BOSTON, MIKE, and begone for good!

Anonymous said...

$600 K / year ? Wow !

How much do Bloomies silly regulations and bad ideas cost the citizens?

Millions !