Saturday, April 20, 2013

Steinway Mansion price drops but land around it is subdivided

From the Daily News:

An iconic Astoria home is being offered at a deep discount in an effort to preserve it, the Daily News has learned.

Steinway Mansion executrix Michele Kazarian informed interested parties that she is willing to sell the property, including three of the seven plots of land, for a price of $1.9 million — a $1 million discount from the initial asking price for the entire property.

“We’re trying to make it more affordable for someone who loves the house and wants it,” Kazarian, 57, told The News.

The decision was spurred partially by a recently formed group, Friends of Steinway Mansion, which has reignited interest in converting the site into a cultural hub for the area.

In the past, prospective buyers have seemed “overwhelmed” by the expansive property with the luxe lodge looming large in the middle.

"Separating the properties creates that opportunity that was not there before,” she said. “This is so much more within reach.”

But some stakeholders balked at the creative real estate maneuver.

The head of the Friends of Steinway Mansion told The News he would rather grapple with a higher price tag than let the plot be divided.

“That would really hem in the building,” said Bob Singleton, executive director of the Greater Astoria Historical Society and founder of the coalition of craftsman and community activists. “I think the entire parcel should stay together.”

A large commercial building going up next to the sprawling home would diminish its prestige and not allow it to “breathe,” Singleton said.


Anonymous said...

GAHS's pronouncements amount to a fart in a hurricane.

NOBODY in power pays any attention to this relatively powerless organization.

Final analysis:
What you don't hold the deed to, you have no say over what happens.

In this borough where the political herd that takes its orders from boro hall...which holds the track record for hostility towards historic preservation...the Steinway site will be cut up like a pie!

Michael Halberian's heirs care for nothing but $$$$$ in their pockets.

Anonymous said...

And where, pray tell, is that villainous Vallone on this subject?

Is he too busy lobbying for developers?

Maybe he'll make it the home of his political club.


Anonymous said...

In Astoria the political herd takes its orders from the Vallones.

This will be another lesson they teach from their notorious playbook on community 'preservation'.

Eastern Queens - where stuff like this is important - will remember that lesson this fall in the ballot box.

If this place gets destroyed, everyone will lay the blame at their feet.

Bottom line: the Vallones had better hope this place gets saved.

Anonymous said...

Northeastern Queens don't care squat about the western shore of the borough.

It don't affect them, whatever BS you are trying to concoct.

The Steinway site will be diced and sliced and sold off to the highest bidder!

That's its fate.

Anonymous said...

Here's a bargain...
Greater Astoria Historical Society should snatch it up
and move their headquarters into Steinway.

How much rent are they paying Stamiadedes for the funeral parlor digs on Broadway?

Anonymous said...

Funny thing just happened . I posted my opinion about the "Steinway Mansion " on the FB page of the friends of the mansion and it was immediately removed. I guess they didn't like the comments I made about it being the Pike mansion . I mentioned that they were advertising for the Steinway Co. without them ever even contributing to the preservation. Check out their page--it looks like the cultural "elite" are dreaming of a little "Downton Abby" to hold their exclusive little parties. What I also mentioned was that the house is in worse shape than they realize. It has a toxic environment with all the lead paint-inside and out and would need more money than they could ever raise in a short time- while the decay proceeds at a rapid pace. I don't feel that the public funds should be used to fix and maintain it either. A while back I posted here on your blog about the preservation problems and ballpark costs. I too would like to see it preserved and put to good use for the wider community.