Monday, April 15, 2013

Now there's something you don't see every day

From the Daily News:

Talk about a crazy commute. A reckless rider was spotted on top of a Long Island Rail Road train in Queens Sunday morning.

Boruch Nemtzov, 28, was waiting at the Forest Hills station for a ride to his job in Manhattan when he saw the man on top of an eastbound train and snapped a picture with his iPhone.

“What was he doing up there? Maybe he was trying to beat a $20 fare,” Nemtzov said.

Nemtzov called 911, but officials could not confirm if the nut was apprehended.


Anonymous said...

How alfresco commute.
Just wait until that train hits the tunnel!

Reminds me of india during the British raj...
cheaper fares for passengers riding on top of railroad carriages.

With Flushing's population burgeoning, we may soon see some of its Taiwanese and Fujianese coolies, riding the rails this way.

Anonymous said...

Wow, unashamed racism from the commenter above.

Michael said...

In this case, it is unfortunate our trains don't get power from above. Like this train!!

Sir Charles James Napier said...

Wow, unashamed racism from the commenter above.

Wow, another lame comment from a humorless, (most likely) smug white liberal!

Anonymous said...

Unashamed racism?

Unashamed facts, maam....nothing but the facts!