Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Short on help, long on pine needles

That's a long time to be suffering.

But, hey, cheer up! The Parks Department put a Christmas tree on the beach where the boardwalk used to be!


Anonymous said...

Not a single person is blaming the true culprits in all this mess: the mayor and city council.

They knew the that they were placing you in harm's way yet they encouraged unsustainable development.

They knew that no disaster plan was in place for you, but focused their attention instead on greasing the rails for development.

They knew that LIPA, Con Ed, and FEMA did not cause this, and could in no way cope with this without plenty of time, but they told you to pointlessly run after and in doing so, deflected anger away from them ... and you morons did.

Now they are brazenly coming out with calm assurance that more of the same development is in the works.

Which sends a big message -- they don't really give two shits for you .... and by keeping your mouths shut you send the message back to them that tacitly agree with this treatment.

All I can say is people, if you do not put a stop to this, and go after those that caused your misery, then you deserve to stew in your own juices.

Anonymous said...

The People have been advised time and time again to stop voting for incumbents and political parties and write in their votes. They are just to brainwashed to get it. End the misery and next time write in. We won't hold our breath!

Anonymous said...

They should call the tree "The Screw Yew"!!!

Anonymous said...

Expect a lawsuit from George the atheist.