Sunday, December 23, 2012

Developer dumps on Whitestone housing site

From the Times Ledger:

A Queens developer and a Massachusetts environmental company dumped unauthorized material onto a sprawling Whitestone site where more than 50 houses are planned at the same time they were supposed to be cleaning it under the state’s Brownfield Cleanup Program, a state agency revealed this week.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation issued an order on consent, a legally enforceable violation, to Barone Management, a Whitestone-based construction and development firm, and EBI Consulting, an environmental consulting firm.

The violation came after Barone Management, headed by Whitestone’s Scott Barone, and EBI were supposed to remove contaminated soil at the proposed site of 52 single-family homes, at 151-45 6th Road. They were then supposed to put clean soil in its place to ensure the ground was safe for residential use.

But an investigation by DEC revealed that along with that clean soil, the companies dumped unapproved material from other construction sites around the city onto the property, according to the department.

They were issued a $150,000 fine and ordered to submit a new plan on how to get the material, which has not been specifically identified, out of the site, the department said. Half of the fine will be nixed when the property is clean again, according to DEC.


Anonymous said...

Who owns the mass based environmental company. Is it connected to any college point / Whitestone residents ?

Lets put the pieces of this puzzle together. I smell a cb7 connection.

Anonymous said...

Yo...Don Cheech....any ground up mafia hits in that soil that was dumped?

Paul Vallone sits on CB#7....if that piece fits into your puzzle.

Anonymous said...

" Massachusetts based environmental company" community board 7, while I'm sure Vallone has a piece, I think the good doctor and the man who appointed him to the post, need to come clean. ( pun intended).

Will the good doctor stand up!

Anonymous said...

Don't buy there folks, in fact if you own in College Point next door - good luck too as this has obviously been going on for decades!

Anonymous said...

My friends in the neighba hood call it " little deer".
How are those headlights coming at ya?

Anonymous said...

It figures- bunch of goombahs doing this- crapping in their own nest, but what's even less surprising is the DEC getting in on the action. passing the vig onto Uncle Andy and walking off like nuttin happened!

Anonymous said...

Good lord - this is almost identical to the mess in Staten Island, covered previously - right down to Goombahs... theses people believe they are untouchable - and it seems they're right. God help the people who move in.

Anonymous said...

Just what Whitestone needs, more identical tract housing. For a world class city that this is, don't we deserve more creative architecture?