Saturday, December 29, 2012

$686M in lawsuits this year

From 1010WINS:

A new report finds New York City paid out more than $686 million during the last fiscal year in settlements and court awards. The disputes ranged from slip-and-falls to contract disputes to lawsuits against police.

City Comptroller John Liu‘s report Thursday says the total is down very slightly from the previous fiscal year. But he notes that costs are rising in the areas that account for more than three-quarters of the payments: personal injury and property damage.

The city paid out more than $550 million in those areas in fiscal 2011, up more than 5 percent in a year. That includes three consistently expensive areas: claims against police, city hospitals and the city Transportation Department.

“The claims against the NYPD have risen the most,” Liu told 1010 WINS. “We’ve seen a 35 percent increase in the settlement costs for the NYPD as compared to the year before and that’s a very alarming trend that we believe needs to be stemmed and reversed.”

The totals include both lawsuits and matters handled through a city claims process.


Anonymous said...

does not the law firm that NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver belong to defend most of the people filing the lawsuits against the nyc taxpayers ?

Anonymous said...

Wait till the lawsuits start from putting people in harms way by building on the waterfront and not being prepared for what happened.

Anonymous said...

Never mind that.
What about subway safety, in light of the 2 recent incidents of platform pushing?

Anonymous said...

can one sue a nyc/nys public government psychiatrist for releasing the mentally ill to kill citizens ?

will the law protect the psychiatrist ?

i am guessing the lawyers did exempt them.

Anonymous said...

On NPR Radio, last week, I heard that a French psychiatrist WAS HELD RESPONSIBLE for the actions of her patient in court.

Mon ami...interesting...huh?

Anonymous said...

John Liu thinks that he can hide out by immersing himself in his numbers game revelations.

Try hiding in the weeds Mr. Comptroller.

You've been branded a CROOK, and
you'll NEVER become NYC's next mayor!

Your financial career could also be in jeopardy.

Who'd want a financial actuary in their firm that "didn't know" what was going on in their own political campaign?

Maybe cousin Tommy Huang has an opening for you
cooking his books

Jerry Rotondi said...

That's it--
I'm buying myself a nice worsted wool TWEED suit to wear at community board meetings in 2013!

Should I have my tailor sew leather patches on the trouser knees--so that when I have to kneel to beg for service--I won't wear holes through my pants legs?