Thursday, December 13, 2012

Koo wants local input on gambling decisions

From the Daily News:

Local residents should get a chance to weigh in before the state rolls the dice on full-tilt casino gaming, a Queens lawmaker said on Tuesday.

City Councilman Peter Koo is pushing for increased “local input” as an amendment to the state constitution comes up for a second round of votes allowing Vegas-style gambling.

The Flushing lawmaker — who is remaining neutral on the issue — contended that locals should be allowed to cast a ballot on whether they want gambling in their backyards.

“We want an open, transparent process,” said Koo (D-Flushing). “There are good arguments on both sides. We want community involvement.”

The state legislature passed an amendment to the constitution this year to issue seven casino licenses at yet-to-be determined locations. The measure must pass the Senate and Assembly again, and then go to a statewide vote.

There are currently nine locations in the state that combine a racetrack with electronic table game parlors, including the Aqueduct racino in South Ozone Park. These are likely contenders for the casino licenses.

In other words, the Council Members want a piece of the lobbying pie.


Anonymous said...

Why not make it all legal?

There are DOZENS of illegal Chinese gambling parlors operating in Flushing right under Koo's nose.

Rehab the historic RKO Keith's theater into a posh gambling casino.

Imagine what a draw that would be. Restore the ornamentation and people will flock to it.

It's location is ideal.

Why let it continue to rot in the hands of that "front man" for Asian investors, Patrick Thompson.

NYC should seize it under eminent domain, and make some money with it!

Anonymous said...

I've spoken with this guy in person and this guy can barely comprehend, let alone speak English.

How in the world did he get elected?

Anonymous said...

Koo Koo...kach-oooo!

Did Peter just sneeze or try to say something?

Only his handler, James,
can speak understandable English.

Koo speaks only Chingrish.

Anonymous said...

If he understood human nature, he'd know that no one ever trusts a turn coat, and that turn coats are the first to get knifed in th eback.

Anonymous said...

Now that the racino has proven to be a success and his Asian constituents no longer have to trek out to Foxwoods via Deathbus to get their fix, Koo-koo wants to cash in on a whole new stream of revenue from developers and lobbyists. This is so predictable it's not even funny anymore.
Flushing needs:
1) Department of Consumer Affairs mobile squads canvassing Main Street
2) the incoming waves of Chinese immigrants to discover a new hotspot, easing crowding. How about the new Willet's Point?

Anonymous said...

I'll give you some input Councilman Koo Koo.
Here...come over and sit on this!

Anonymous said...

If gambling is made legal in Floo-shing....BOO HOO... where will all those 109th PCT cops get their payoffs from?

I suppose there are still enough whore house madams around, who will continue greasing their palms with cash.

With its crooked cops...shady politicians...lazy community board...overcrowding....down the toilet went Flushing!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Contact me through CB 7, Councilman Koo.

I'd like a face to face appointment with you regarding
this most important subject--gambling casinos.

I have some good ideas under my hat--
one in particular I'd like for you to consider.

Thank you.