Thursday, December 20, 2012

The final moments of Civic Virtue in Queens

The statue was transported down Queens Blvd...

To the LIE...

And eventually over the Kosciuszko Bridge to Brooklyn.

Video available on George The Atheist's blog: While You Slept

And here he is in his new home:


Jerry Rotondi said...

That "oversize load" tag could easily be applied to former borough president Claire Shulman.

This devious real estate developer's courtesan, stood idly by for many years, while Queens lost many worthy, potential landmarks.

Just like the statue of "Civic Virtue", the deterioration of the historic RKO Keith's Flushing Theatre, occurred under Shulman's watch, and she did almost NOTHING to prevent it.

However, she emphatically DEFENDED the Keith's owner, Tommy Huang, on at least one occasion. "Hasn't he suffered enough....he hasn't been able to build (on the site) for two years", were her words.

If you check the record, there were actually MORE landmark designations under Donald Manes' crooked administration, than there were under Claire Shulman's (equally crooked one).That speaks volumes about her preferred allegiance to developers, over her constituents!

And what a load of ----in general, that borough hall has been delivering to us all, about their concern for Queens heritage and history.

It's been all window dressing on their part.


Brooklyn gives a damn--while Queens quashes
attempts to preserve its historic sites--in favor of supporting political campaign contributing developers!

Councilman Vallone:
You could make some reparations, by ensuring that the Steinway Mansion DOES NOT fall into decay.
New York City should acquire this most important municipal landmark.

You could become the champion of change, from business as usual.

Can you offer us something more substantial than lip service or photo ops, regarding your concern for historic preservation?

Or, will you promise Queens the world--then should you become our next borough president--betray us as your predecessors have?

I'm not so sure that I can vote for you in good conscience--until we first see some real action taken regarding the Steinway Mansion--BEFORE the election!

I advise all voters to take care in casting their ballots.

Peter Vallone Jr. is a member of a family that has served as lobbyists for some major developers!

Councilman--convince ME to vote for you! Lets hear some strong arguments from you, counsellor.
Let's see some evidence in the form of action being taken!

I'm sure that Charles Apelian has already informed you of my comments here. I apologize, in advance, if my plain speaking might have irritated you Chuck.

Coucilman Vallone:
If you are not familiar with who I am, please have one of your staff "Google" my name to see what turns up.

With sincere respect to most all of you--
Jerry Rotondi, historic preservationist.

Anonymous said...

It actually looks better there.

VIRTUE, in general, has no place near or within
that market place of corruption,
Queens borough hall!

Anonymous said...

"Only the dead know Brooklyn"...a once familiar phrase...but now it has come to pass.

Queens's "fat boy" is now interred in Greenwood.

Is anyone waiting to see some Queens boro prez's pushing up daisies?

Anonymous said...

Peter Vallone Jr. suggested that we need some kind of Grecco-Roman statue to replace Civic Virtue.

How about a classical rendition of Manes and Shulman (naked of course) dancing on a bed of real estate industry kick back money?

Would Queens Crap think about running a contest to submit designs for CV's replacement?

Anonymous said...

Looks like they picked a nice spot for him.

georgetheatheist said...

Thanks Crapper for banging the drum, keeping the drumbeat. Folks, this is why you read the Queens Crap blogsite. I read it the first thing in the morning before opening my own email. How 'bout you?

A few points I'd like to make about the moving of the statue:

1. I called my post (linked to above) "While You Slept" because this statue move was done secretively, on a Saturday, when the powers that be assumed you would all be "asleep" on that Saturday of 12/15. You collectively were. Where were the public officials that day? Councilmembers Vallone and Crowley, the Community Board people? (They were all there the Saturday before holding a press conference.) Where were the broadcast TV cameras? The office of the Borough President? Even the Center for the Women of New York's Ann Juliano Jawin could have shown up to "celebrate". Fact is only the workers and a handful of activists and a few passersby were there. I must admit it was a great tactical move. This "Saturday" business. (For the history minded, similar brilliant tactical "Saturday" moves: The Roehm Putsch, the March into the Rhineland, the March into Austria - "they" too were all "sleeping".)

2. In my posted video, you're seeing a semi-exclusive. There was no media following the move into Brooklyn accept, humbly-speaking, yours truly AND the guy wearing orange in the chase vehicle behind the flatbed truck. He told me that he was part of a media team hired by the cemetery to visually document the entire day's events for the cemetery. As you may know, the cemetery is very active in the Brooklyn arts community. Markowitz' Brooklyn trumps Marshall's Queens.

3. From what I understand, "The Triumph of Civic Virtue", city-owned property, is on "permanent loan" to Green-Wood Cemetery. Can someone please explain the legalese here? How does that all work out? Green-Wood and other places have similar arrangements?

4. If you notice in the still photos of my Crapper-referred-to post, "To All My Friends in Queens", the statue's rear end, which Mayor LaGuardia found so offensive, is now facing people buried in the cemetery. If you found the rear-end of the statue offensive, would you want to have been buried there? Who asked the owners of these plots about the statue's placement and compass orientation? Any feminists buried there who now have to be subjected in the grave to the alleged "sexism" of the statue? (These issues dissipated in this relocation?) Watch for possible future legal action by plot owners.

Bottom line: The whole thing stunk and continues to stink. But you can't smell it because you are asleep.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Rotondi for mayor!!! Or at least borough president!

Jon Torodash said...

Good work, George, and thanks for documenting it better than I did.

Anonymous said...

The replacement statue will feature robert moses standing tall (no all 4ft of him). With a club in his hand, stepping on top of 1000,s of little people.
With the inscription "This is progress" written on it.

georgetheatheist said...

Thank you Jon. I dug your video commentary:

"How pitiful a sight.
How awful a symbolism."

I saw your video. Folks check it out and particularly watch the part at the end (11:10) where the little girl is crying.

The removal of Civic Virtue from Queens is a form of child abuse.

georgetheatheist said...

Here's a better link to that video of the little girl crying (11:10).

And while you're at it folks check out Helen Marshall's Borough President site here.

As I write late Thursday afternoon, I see no mention or photos thereon of the transfer of Civic Virtue on it. Maybe Dan Andrews, her press mouthpiece is now busily working on an update to the site? You also do know that she has an $80,000/year photographer on staff paid to promote her "to-do-ing" in the borough. I do not recall seeing this highly-paid-by-the-taxpayer's "offical" photographer there last Saturday. (Maybe I missed him when I went to get a cup of coffee?). In any event, I'm pretty sure that her website shortly will have some news and photos from her well-paid staff on this tragedy and I'm also pretty sure that comes her annual State of Queens address at Queens College in late January she will lament with the audience with her commentary and photos of what transpired.

Anonymous said...

Well, there you have it, Queens no longer has any civic virtue only civic vice. Does that leave room for military or criminal virtue or vice? Does any one even know?

Anonymous said...

If I were a Tweeder, I'd be sh*tting my pants and afraid to go outside, with the ever watchful George the Atheist out and about - as well as the Flushing Phantom, who recently took a photo down the block from my house. You can't keep our politicians honest, but you can at least expose them to the light.

Jon Torodash said...

I think this was the link you meant to post:

I spoke to Koslowitz about this back at the end of the summer at one of the biannual Austin St. Street Fairs. Her opinion was, "it's not my favorite statue." I told her about my website, that I was expecting a response from her on the City Council page, and I e-mailed her to that effect. Nothing. She has deliberately ignored the legalized plunder of city property right next to her office, and I personally will not let the public forget it.

We have heard back preliminarily from DCAS on the FOIL - they're trying to drag it out and take their sweet time in the hopes that we'll forget. They know very well, however, that they have to produce the documents or else we can appeal to the DOS Committee on Open Government, which may conduct a more thorough audit.

Anonymous said...

What's Jerry another Al Centola? Calling out the politicians who screw us? Wow

Anonymous said...

Makes no sense.....

Anonymous said...

Please tell me why the concept of civic virtue conquering vice and corruption which this statue represents belongs in a cemetery? It seems to me that it belongs in the public square near the halls of government. It is out of context, out of place in that cemetery.

Let me see now... said...

$80,000 a year to take Marshall's picture? That money could have at least restored one of CV's ears and the nose and mouth.

Anonymous said...

George, you mentioned the Roehm Putsch.

A putsch this was - the Civic Virtue Putsch.

Anonymous said...

Vallone, put down the geetar and take the key out of the Harley. Get off your ass and do something for Chrissake.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Hey bro "anonymous", thank you for supporting me for boro prez--but I turned down running for district leader in 1987--then onto city councilman (maybe). I'd be out of my league on Queens Boulevard.

I think I'll stick to using my wit and poison key board to right some wrongs and embarrass a few naughty politicians along the way.

The word can be mightier than holding office.

Also, I would be worried that even, I myself, might be corrupted by such power.

After all, I'm only human.

Happy holidays to all.
To all a good night and keep up the good fight!

I'll always try to be with you, on the good side, to do what I can.

The Astoria Avenger said...

That image of Petey with a geetar sittin' on a Harley just made me wet my legs right down to my new Guccis....DAMN!

"Sing a song of six pence...a pocket full of lies...
four and twenty thousand developer's $$$$ backed in a pie.

When Pietro cut it open...the birds began to sing...let us build In Hallets Point and we'll make you our next king"!

What record label will "junior" record this on?

Anonymous said...

Shame on Queens County!

Tontino her 80G/year fotog said...

I wuz dere. I jus' fergot to put da filum in muh kamera.