Friday, December 21, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge Park condo development questioned

From the Daily News:

Community advocates and local pols are criticizing the Bloomberg administration's plan to find a developer to build a luxury condo tower in a DUMBO flood zone.

Brooklyn Bridge Park officials Monday detailed plans for a proposed 13-story complex with with retail stores on the ground floor and up to 110 parking spaces on a vacant lot on John St. just east of the Manhattan Bridge. The 130-unit building is expected to be designed with state-of-the-art flood protections, including a raised bottom level and an electric system on a top floor, park officials said.

Still, the location and much of the park was buried under four feet of water by Super Storm Sandy, raising concerns about new developments.

“We now know what a big bad storm can do to DUMBO and it ain't pretty,” said City Councilman Steve Levin (D-Greenpoint), who has been a frequent critic of housing in the park. “We need to re-evaluate how we build along the water and this would be a great place to start,” he added.


Jerry Rotondi said...

Greed runs deeper than flood waters among Emperor Bloomberg's wealthy, arrogant, avaricious, real estate developer buddies!

How else can you explain the stupidity, of insisting on building in this flood prone area?

Anonymous said...

Nothing can resist the money that such a development can make for real estate interests.

The idea that the land would be left idle because of flood fears is a fantasy.

Anonymous said...

So why can't Queens Civic or someone invite these people to come to Queens?

Well forget about that - it doesn't involve creating a faux suburban setting for the community.

What about all those groups in LIC - how about Greenshores doing something besides pulling out shopping carts from the East River, or how about Noguchi with their lavishly funded 'Community' visioning stunt that featured (among other things) projecting on screens moths fluttering about?

No, these things would effect funding from Jimmy. Nothing can stand between him and resume building with Chrissy and her ilk and if that means throwing the community under the bus so be it.

Well how about the parents for the play schools and nurseries in Hunters Point? Surely they should have some inkling on discussing the charms of raising their babies on top of a brownfield baptized by a superfund Newtown Creek?

Might be ok to expose their kids to that environment, but cannot hurt the investment in real east.

How about Dutch Kills Civic?

Their cry unique among civics in the community: UPZONE! UPZONE! UPZONE!

Queens, as the rest of the world marches on you remain pathetic and a laughing stock of the entire city.

Anonymous said...

It would save on installing a swimming pool.

Anonymous said...

Development in a flood zone? Only water can develop in a flood zone - no development - period to protect the public and future buyers unwittingly buying a white elephant!

Anonymous said...

As long as people get bailed out by the government development will continue in places that are risky.