Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's going to be noisier in northeastern Queens

From the Queens Courier:

A controversial airplane route that polluted the skies with noise during its trial run has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The “TNNIS Climb” — in which departing LaGuardia Airport traffic turns left to the north off Runway 13 — has been given the green light for takeoff, FAA officials said, even after borough leaders and residents said the changes caused a nonstop barrage of low-flying planes to torment their northeast Queens neighborhoods.

“Frankly, it is a disgrace the FAA has decided to go ahead with these departure changes, which will have a profound effect on the residents in northeastern Queens, without the proper input from the community,” said State Senator Tony Avella. “In this case, the FAA has decided to disregard the voice of the people.”

Borough Board members lambasted FAA officials in September, when they said they were not given notice about the six-month trial period that concluded in August.

The test was to ensure the required separation between John F. Kennedy International Airport arrivals and LaGuardia Runway 13 departures while using a new, precise navigation system called “RNAV,” said Ralph Tamburro, the agency’s New York traffic management officer.


Anonymous said...

First off, the picture is of an Airbus A380 which will never be using LaGuardia.
Secondly, the traffic using runway 13 now makes a hard right turn to the south and then another left turn, all while gaining altitude, at full throttle. What about those neighborhoods??

Get bent "northeaster Queens" and get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me that turning left off 13 will get it over Nassau country pretty quickly, and do a lot to reduce noise in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Here's a new lung cancer cluster in the making.
More exhaust fumes cause asthma!

Anonymous said...

"More exhaust fumes cause asthma!"

But other parts of NYC will get less exhaust fumes sine the total amount of fumes remain constant.

Anonymous said...

La Guardia is an antiquated airport that should be closed except to smaller aircraft.

They keep on pouring mega-bucks into it, and it's still a fouled up mess!

Some of its runways are outright dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Will This put the air traffic over port washington?

Anonymous said...

Air traffic over Port Washington?
--I think that would upset the NYC judges and lawyers in Larchmount.

From what I can see in aircraft lights from Manhasset is Whitestone must really be getting the sh*t stick with this.
At times Its a non stop spiral strip of moving lights (like stringed pearls) spiraling north.