Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Havoc wrought by illegal alien

From the NY Post:

A heartless Scrooge wants to give his ex-wife a lump of coal for Christmas — by booting her and their kids from a rent-stabilized Brooklyn apartment.

Convicted drug dealer Ahmed Elgheur is currently locked up and facing deportation for immigration fraud.

But before he gets tossed back to Morocco, he is trying to get ex-wife Bajia Elmourabit evicted from her $1,140-a-month, three-bedroom home so his young girlfriend can move in.

Elgheur, 47, used an alias to sign the lease on the Ocean Parkway pad almost 20 years ago.

He and Elmourabit had two children — a son, now 19, and a daughter, 17 — before he abandoned the family after being busted for selling heroin and jumping bail.

Elgheur eventually surrendered and served more than six years in prison for two federal drug raps.

Meanwhile, Elmourabit, 47, raised the kids on her own and made a living running a since-closed Moroccan restaurant on Prospect Park West.

She renewed the lease every two years, signing her own name at the bottom, and paying the rent on her own for 17 years without any child support.

But her ex-husband’s alias — “Gerome Mancini” — stayed at the top of the rental agreement.

Elmourabit’s housing nightmare began last year, when she got an eviction notice from “Mancini.”


Anonymous said...

It's a stretch. If the landlord has been taking her rent payments in her name for twenty years I don't think any self respecting judge will throw her out (she does have rights). By the same token I can't imagine anyone using an assumed name will have any rights with anyone.

Anonymous said...

A criminal is entitled to a free lawyer if they cannot afford one. In landlord tenant court that is not the case. My advice to the lady is get a landlord tenant lawyer. It's not expensive and its a slam dunk for them. The trick is to get a lawyer that knows what they're doing.(not always the case). I might suggest Daniels Norelli Scully & Cecere, P.C.

Anonymous said...

"Havoc Wrought by Illegal Alien"
- - - - -
Isn't he supposed to be referred to as "Undocumented Immigrant?"

Anonymous said...

This is not a slam dunk case at all. I read the entire article and it said that the "ex-wife" may not have had a legally binding marriage. The judge in housing court wouldn't rule and passed the buck and told her to go to Family Court in order to establish legality to the marriage. The article is not clear whether she was an illegal alien herself. The husband is a bum and probably wanted revenge against his wife. However, she was aware over the years that the lease was under a fake name. I would say she is complicit in fraud and has no legal right to stay.

Anonymous said...

He's a scum bag in any case!

Anonymous said...

If the eviction notice is signed under his alias, I don't think it holds any water.

Concerned neighbor said...

This is a bunch of BS. The ex is a lying manipulative piece of work.
While it is true the guy served time back in 92. He is no dealer, but a hard working man. He paid his debt to society, and is no different than you or me. I know the guy, and I know her too. And because he refused to cooperate he ended up with more time than the principal players. He turned himself in, so she and the kids dont suffer anymore. When he went away the ex engaged in so many misconducts that it would be shameful to name some.
Also he is not an undocumented alien, but a very documented legal alien who has to report periodically to Immigration. (Rumor has it she called the Feds on him to jam him so she could keep the apt)
Knowing her I dont put it past her.
The very truth is that the ex remarried, bought a house in -Staten Island @ 3 W. Raleigh St.- with her new hubby, a cheap cop from the 72nd precinct who had no shame living in the man's apt for free for over two years. And she was renting rooms to strangers, while leaving the children alone with these strangers at the Brooklyn Apt. -check the rental website airbnb.com.
Meanwhile the ex (who is crying poverty) is living it up back in forth to her place in Staten Island and villa in Morocco, and trips to Europe.
She is getting evicted because she hasn't paid rent for almost two years and the landlord is asking for his money.
It is unbelievable how she has everyone fooled.
Even using the kids, did you know that they actually live with him ? And the only thing he wants do is to give the apt to them.
Nowhere in his mind or any document has he ever said, I am evicting my kids. His life revolves around his kids. He IS a GOOD father.
She mentioned that the father never paid child support....why would he have to when he has been the one supporting them all these years (pivate schools, university,clothes, phones, allowances... all the expensive stuff) and up until recently had joint custody of the children(which she managed to take away from him by faking the court serving. If he was such a bad father or menace, why would multiple judges award him custody???
The only thing she is doing at this time is prolonging the case so she gets to keep the apt for free, while she keeps on renting it and pocketing the rent money.
Oh and by the way, if your credit card, banking mail or a parcel ever end up stolen...You might just find out if she seen it.
Who is the con now ?