Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crime down, but arrests up...?

From the NY Times:

Even as the prison population across the country continues to grow, New York City officials said on Thursday that they had recorded a large drop in the city’s rate of incarceration.

“New York’s crime rate has gone down more quickly and more steeply than the rest of the country, and we are the model for low crime in this nation,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg told reporters during a news conference in the Bronx. “But unlike the rest of the country, the number of people we are incarcerating has also gone down.”

From DNA Info:

Despite Mayor Michael Bloomberg heralding a record-low number of inmates in city jails, the amount of people arrested during his administration is the highest in city history, New York has found.

In fact, the number of NYPD arrests in the Big Apple has jumped nearly 23 percent since Bloomberg took office — there were 338,788 collars in 2002 compared to 413,573 last year, police statistics show.

And the number of people caught in the criminal justice system started to climb virtually from the day he took office and appointed Raymond Kelly as his police commissioner.

There were 334,163 collars in 2003 — which was a scant decline from the previous year — but after that the number of arrests jumped to 351,435 in 2004 and continued to climb until it reached a peak of 422,982 arrests in 2010.

So if actual crime is down, are we arresting people for no reason?


Jerry Rotondi said...

Wait until Der Mayor starts arresting perps
packing 20+ ounce sodas without a permit!

Does Bloomberg ever tell the truth about anything?

Anonymous said...

"So if actual crime is down, are we arresting people for no reason? "


Stop and Frisk is one of the easiest gimmicks to make a lot and I mean a lot of searches which result in arresting people for no reason and most of the time these searches are unconstitutional. Stop and Frisk which claims to be a tool for getting weapons/guns, which is not really a viable means of getting guns off the streets.

Stop and frisk is really just another part of the "war on drugs" (by the way how is that war going? 40 years and not a step forward WHATSOEVER. Who is this "last boss" of the war on drugs? ) to search people

The NYC government, together with the NYPD is a Jewish, Italian and Irish CRIMINAL SYNDICATE.

The Prison Industrial complex keeps an INORDINATE amount of people who are unhirable, hired.

Cops, Clerks, Corrections Officers, Bail Bondsman, Drug Rehabd Counselors, Secretaries for all of the above and the list goes ON AND ON AND ON AND ON.
All because of this FUCKING RETARDED war on drugs.

Oh yeah, crime is down, arrests are up..........

Anonymous said...

"Crime Stats" are measured by the seven major FBI crime categories, Murder, Rape, Robbery, Felonious Assault, Burglary, Grand Larcent and Grand Larceny Auto. Aside from those more major crimes, there are hundreds of smaller misdimeanors and violations one can be arrested for that don't necessarily figure into the official crime stats. So while the mayor and police commissioner may claim that "crime is down", which I personally have a hard time believing, it is entirely for the amount of arrest for more minor crimes to go up without affecting their questionable claim. For example, the transit police bureau arsting scors of people for jumping thee turnstile would not raise the crime stats, even though technically, a crime has been committed. In fact, Mike and Ray might even claim that such arrests have even helped keep the crime stats low, by catching people who commit a minor crime like jumping a turnstile as they were on their way to commit a more serious crime. ake this as you will, I am just stating what is going on.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yup. good ol Bloomturd + fun ith nmbers.This guyshws what amateurs those TTimes Square thre caed monte guys really were.Laughin all the way to the freakin'... Ugland House!

Anonymous said...

Anon#1 you're a dik.............and you'll still have to pay fot your drugs.........

Anonymous said...

Bayside has also been experiencing home invasions. They don't seem to want to publicize those.

There have been many buglaries/robberies over a considerable period of time. They are still happening. Why have they not been able to catch the perpetrators.

They're too professional??????