Saturday, December 15, 2012

What we think

From the NY Post:

Most New York voters favor legalizing marijuana, but by a slim 51-44 majority, according a new poll.

Quinnipiac University found the younger the voters, the higher they are on the idea, with 62 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds favoring legalization.

Meantime homeowners and businesses destroyed by Hurricane Sandy should rebuild to stricter building codes, according to 65 percent of voters - including 68 percent in the city and 67 percent on Long Island, the hardest hit regions.

Eight percent think destroyed structures shouldn't be rebuilt at all, the Dec. 5-10 telephone survey of 1,302 voters found.

While 74 percent say they're concerned about climate change and two thirds expect their community to be hit by a major storm in the next decade, only 45 percent think Sandy actually resulted from climate change.


Anonymous said...

The drug laws in America are so outlandish, out moded and draconian.

ALL DRUGS SHOULD BE LEGAL. If you want to inject your brains to death, it should be your choice and your choice only.

Now on the other note, I'm not a structural engineer so giving an opinion on whether or not to build in the affected regions is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Let's hold a "joint session" of Congress...or at least a "joint session" of the city consider the matter.

Can you imagine Speaker Quinn sucking on a nice fat joint?

That's not exactly her style.

My opinion? Marijuana por fumar!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get all the potheads to move to the rockaways and SI shoreline, once it's "rebuilt". They won't really notice the water coming up over their bongs and joints anyway, right?