Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kew Gardens residents working on Forest Park mural

From DNA Info:

Kew Gardens residents are showing neighborhood pride by making tiny works of art on 4.5-by-4.5-inch tiles. The tiles will be fit into a mural they hope will one day be installed in Forest Park.

The "100 Tile Mural" is the brainchild of The Potter’s Wheel, a local ceramic studio, and residents painted the tiles in the theme of “Parks, people, pets and poetry.”

So far, roughly 70 locals have contributed personal paintings — among them a tile featuring Forest Park's famed “crooked tree,” and others showing birds, cats and even local pizzerias.

One tile shows an intersection with signs pointing to Long Island, the Bronx, Manhattan and the Rockaways.

“People really put a lot of themselves into making the tiles,” said Grace Anker, owner of The Potter's Wheel. “For some people, Kew Gardens is the center of the universe.”

Last year, the studio conducted a similar project around the theme of family and community that was also made into a mural.

The studio, which has received a grant for the project from the Citizens Committee for NYC, a non-profit organization aiming to help New Yorkers improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods, is hoping to install the mural soon after all the tiles are finished.

A spokesman for the NYC Parks Department said in an e-mail that the agency has received the proposal and is evaluating it.


Anonymous said...

It ain't 1967....................

Anonymous said...

We loose Civic Virtue, St Saviours, the World's Fair Buildings, and about to lose the Steinway Mansion - indifference.

This? - well what does this tell you about Queens and taste?

Fourth Grade?

Anonymous said...

Art is always to be appreciated, but who's going to be credited with the grant money given for this, borough hall?

No doubt there will be included within this preschool design....a ceramic platitude noting.... "This mural made possible through the generosity of Queens Borough President, Helen Marshall".

Anonymous said...

it's ugly . . .

Anonymous said...

"Ugly" would show some spunk.
MEDIOCRITY is what Queens does best.

From its pols to its art...the borough breeds, yawn...

Even our crooks (save Manes) are as dull as ditch water!

Now in Brooklyn...those guys really know how to steal with style!

There you get PANACHE, not a panoply of pip squeaks who occasionally surface from their burrows to pocket a candy bar or two.

Anonymous said...

During the "Great Depression" we got superb art, under the auspices of the WPA.

During our "Great Recession", they see fit to piss away money to produce this kind of crapola!

This is a cut above finger painting by grade schoolers!

I'd like to give who's responsible "the finger" as well as a piece of my mind for wasting money!