Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coney Island to get plastic planks

From the NY Post:

Plastic is the new wood, a judge has decided — at least when it comes to Coney Island’s boardwalk.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Martin Solomon has green- lighted the city’s plan to replace five blocks of the historic — but rickety — structure with concrete and recycled-plastic planks, according to court documents made public yesterday.

Some Brooklynites were quick to slam the decision.

“The Coney Island boardwalk is nostalgic, and it’s famous world-round,” fumed Todd Dobrin, president of a group called Friends of the Boardwalk.

“I don’t think tourists are going to come to see the Coney Island driveway.”

Photo from Kinetic Carnival


Breuchalino Boy said...

"La, la, la...Under the boardwalk".

It won't feel the same copping "a feel" under plastic planks.

"C'mon baby, give me a smooch...pretend it's wood".

Anonymous said...

This plan is giving Bloomcrap wood!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. These last forever. Good decision by Parks and the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

In the summer, get allergic reaction!

Anonymous said...

How sad..what do you call it now..Let's take a walk on the Coney Island plasic & cement walk just doesn't sound right!! Did they even take into consideration how much hotter cement and that horrible plastic are??

Anonymous said...

With all of the Atlantic Ocean's salt air eating away at the plastic planks...bathers will be sitting on sand, into which chemicals have leached out from that plastic.

Swim in good health!

Jerry Rotondi said...

We still haven't learned our lessons about astro turf replacing real grass in public parks.

P-O-I-S-O-N !!!!

Who's got the boardwalk replacement contract?
Is it a Bloomberg buddy?