Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Con Ed decimates another street tree

"It was once a lovely tree on 33rd Ave near the corner of 165th Street in Flushing.

But years of Con Ed overpruning has led to this...

The red tape of death." - The Flushing Phantom


Anonymous said...

It's 33rd Avenue, not 33rd Street, Mr. Phantom.

And what Con Ed did to the tree is the equivalent of CIA torture to a tree: shivs in the fingernails, amputations a leg and an arm.

I can just see Con Ed interrogating the poor tree:

"Who planted you???" and "Where have you put the other seeds??"

Super sad.

Anonymous said...

one week after Sandy uprooted one gigantic tree that crushed a car and blocked 203 street , and one that hung across 42nd avenue across power lines . A crew "Pruned" another large (70')
tree at 203 street/42 avenue down to 20'. the power lines for the block were entangled in the branches.

Was it a good decision for citizens with out power,heat and phones ? Only those in hazards way can say....

the tree can be replaced again.

Anonymous said...

P.S. the correct site is 33rd Avenue/165t.

we all love trees ....and human beings....

Queens Crapper said...

The typo was my fault, not the Phantom's. Anyway, it's fixed now, which is more than I can say for the tree.

Anonymous said...

That tree WAS ONCE a beautiful Japanese Maple!

It's exact location is the southwest corner of 33rd Ave. and 165th St. everybody happy now with the coordinates...or shall we post longitude and latitude?

Anonymous said...

How do you know that the Phantom is a Mr. ?
It could be a male Chauvanist!

Queens Crapper said...

Because I know the Phantom personally.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
How do you know that the Phantom is a Mr. ?
It could be a male Chauvanist!
Seriously??? The Crapper could be a woman!??!!? Who's the male Chauvinist now???

Anonymous said...

In 1991, after Hurricane Andrew, the feds offered LI a billion to submerge the electric lines, but it seems it would put all the linemen out of work so we still have the highest electric rates, chasing industry away.

Anonymous said...

Come on, we have make a decision here. Trees, or power? If you want both, then be prepared to pay double for your power bill to get all the lines put underground.

Anonymous said...

All street trees should be removed. The City doesn't care for them and they become a dangerous disgrace.

Anonymous said...

"That tree WAS ONCE a beautiful Japanese Maple!" That tree is the most common of NY street trees, a London Planetree. Or if you wanna get binomial, the Platanus × acerifolia.

Ri Feng said...

Tree no good where people live!
You have to sweep and fix sidewalk when they get big. We should have no tree where city people live. Only need sweep once a month when collect rent.

In Chinese and Japan city's most electric and services are underground for the past 30 years. What is wrong with these people still using wooden poles ?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 11:

All people who want to get rid of all street trees should be removed from the city.

Anonymous said...

OMG why didn't they just rip the fucking thing down? Con Edison sucks the big one....

Joe said...

Looks like the homeowner or some un-educated gardener (likely illegal) did a lousy job maintaining the greenery on that property.
A lawnmower and cheap Home Depot electric hedge trimmer is NOT all it takes.

The hedges are "flat topped" like an amateur and ZERO maintenance has been done to those trees.
On the first photo a 2nd tree is being choked to death by Ivy. Its way up the central stem and into the tree's canopy

The 2nd tree needed to be pruned a good 15 years ago BEFORE fatal compromise of it's structural integrity.
Now both trees are gone.
A set of vine cutters and $450 private trimming job would have prevented all of this.
What a dam shame.

Its become an epidemic on how all these new people buy half million+ $$ houses yet become lazy and penny foolish when it comes to proper maintenance or hiring qualified gardeners.

I spend at least 8 hours a week on my property maintenance during summer in Ridgewood and Mattituck all by myself. I will never depend on the city's "non help" I even built my own trailer that passed DMV inspection with flying colors.
These people cant take care of a .15 acre lot w 2 trees ?
Are they very old senior citizens or disabled ?


Jerry Rotondi said...

It would make a nice "hanging tree" as it is.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which shady politicians we might dangle from its branches?

Come on folks--we need some nice fat holiday ornaments to festoon it with!

Of course I wouldn't want any of you out there to take the law into his, or her own hands.

Anonymous said...

A London Planetree?
I'm not so sure of that.

Do you know that particular tree personally?

I remember its leaves being Maple leaves.
The trunk structure doesn't seem to be that of a London Planetree.

If there are some leaves still attached, or on the ground, I'll send in a close up photo of them.

Anyway, its species doesn't really mater as far as this issue is concerned.

The Flushing Phantom said...

technically you need to be certified by NYC, to care for a city owned curb tree.

Now, doesn't that really suck being caught in a double bind here?

Anonymous said...

Uh, wake up.
Power lines were buried in Manhattan and the invasive salty water from Sandy has corroded many.
It sounds like your head is buried in your ass.

Anonymous said...

You should be removed. You are no credit to NYC.
At least street trees provide shade.
What kind of brainpower or creativity do you have to offer our world class metropolis?

You sound like a dim 15 watt bulb.

Anonymous said...

That DOES NOT have the tell-tale scaly bark of a London Plantree!

Joe said...

Quote: "Need to be certified by NYC, to care for a city owned curb tree"

Wrong Flooshing Phantom, Not the way I see it especially when the city defaults on doing its job.
Then all bets are off and I will do whatever it takes to get things done.
That includes doing it myself or paying a $500 - $1000 bribe or NYC certified arborist with connections.
Anybody who relies on local government to do anything doesn’t need a NYC certified arborist ---They needs a psychologist.

That's the problem today in shit holes like Queens, LA, New Orleans and Detroit. Not enough productive people with balls and to may dumb sheep depending on the government for everything.
Hasn't anybody learned anything from the invasion of illegals, 911, Katrina, Snow storms, Sandy ?
Some people should be ashamed of themselves !


Joe said...

Quote: ""DOES NOT have the tell-tale scaly bark of a London Plantree!""

100% agreed, To add --London Plantree's don't crack or splinter like that also. They break like stale bread, I seen many of them go down on my block on Seneca ave during the past 2 storms.
Mine and the 3rd house down are the only 2 left --We gave up on the broke ass corrupt city and topped them ourselves in 2008 and now reek huge rewards of risking a small fine.
Homes that lost trees now have huge air conditioner electric bills during summer.
London Plantree's are very tuff to harm, the Germans in Ridgewood and Bushwick knew this back in the 1920's.
Technically you can cut them all the way back to the primary branches and they heal they grow right back.
This technique is called "pollarding"

Anonymous said...

Look at the other new trees planted - right under the power lines as this tree.

The new plantings often make no sense, and the refusal of the tree planting advocates to even consider the older trees plight is just bullshit.

Anonymous said...

absolutely not a london plane tree. previous posters on that are correct.

Anonymous said...

You have expressed many of your own unique know-it-all opinions on just about every subject on posted on QC.

The "way you see it" Joe...IS NOT the law!

In NYC, a civilian has to complete a brief training program to be certified. That's the lousy law!

But, I trim my curb tree anyway. I know how to do it properly...without a certificate.

If an inspector happens to see me do this (which is highly unlikely) I surely CAN BE fined!

I don't know exactly what the tab is, but I'm sure you'll look it up just to have the last word...yawn!