Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bigger problems at Quaker Meeting House

From the Queens Chronicle:

Problems at the Quaker Meeting House range beyond the below-ground utility pole base, reported by the Chronicle last week.

Ongoing issues with a neighboring construction site include shifting borders caused by a 28-foot-deep retaining wall supported by 10 large steel I-beams. The wood and cement barrier has effectively moved 80 feet of the Meeting House’s property line back 3 feet.

The planned apartment building at 136-33 37 Ave. has been in limbo after a stop-work order was issued following the invasion into the Quaker house’s property.

The incursion also included the destruction of a previous retaining wall, with the extent of the damage at the property’s western corner still unknown.

“They didn’t tell us about their plans to put this retaining wall on our property and get our permission, as they are required to do,” said Linda Shirley, member of a committee designed to address ongoing problems with the adjacent construction site. She added the retaining wall provided extra real estate to the project — on the cheap.

“This was unquestionably a planned intrusion, and it’s also undeniable that they purposefully ignored our property rights and their moral responsibility to respect the cemetery and the National Historic Landmark,” she said in an email exchange.


Anonymous said...

Well ask your councilman for legislation to stop this.

Ask your community board what they will do about this.

Ask Queens Civic Congress what they will do.

Then report the inaction back to Crappy so folks can put those myths to sleep and try to develop step 2.

Anonymous said...

are they out of their minds? do they really expect Chinese real estate developers to have moral responsibility?

Jerry Rotondi said...


Councilman Peter Koo did get on the case, PDQ.

Senator Toby Stavisky
immediately followed through, demanding action!

Assembly member Grace Meng
never replied to any requests for help.

Apparently, neither did Community Board 7.

The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission was involved from the very beginning.

Get your facts straight, anonymous #1,
before going into a tailspin!

Anonymous said...

Stop work order was lifted on 10/26.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has seen stuff this time and again. Getting this solved doesn't address the larger picture.

Maybe someone needs to try to get some legislation passed.

Anonymous said...

what comes around goes around. this is what happens when your congregation is against any rights of the working class.

Anonymous said...

We believe that there's a PARTIAL stop work order still in affect.

Prove that to be wrong by providing a link to DOB records.

Anonymous said...

WTF RU talking about..."against any rights rights of working class"?

RU a leftover out of touch old Commie?
Your logic board looks like it needs a good tune up.

Uh...and you capitalize the first letter of a new sentence.

Geez...doesn't ANYONE know proper English?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 8:

Anon No. 6 isn't a Commie. Just an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Too many Huangs around town...
first it was Tommy....now it's Jeff.
Let's rename Flushing...Huang Kong!

Can 2 Huangs ever make a right? LOL!