Thursday, December 27, 2012

$500K state money to study Queensway

From the Wall Street Journal:

The effort to remake a 3½-mile stretch of abandoned railway tracks into the Queens answer to the High Line took a step forward this week as the state put up about a half-million dollars to study the project.

But the Queensway plan favored by park advocates and local groups faces significant hurdles: Is the site contaminated? Can elevated tracks abandoned for 50 years still support walkers and cyclists? Will a project stretching from Rego Park to Ozone Park attract the Chelsea-size checks that helped bring the High Line to life?

The proposal for an elevated park paired with bike trails, fitness zones and ethnic-food stalls got its first nod from the state when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday gave the Trust for Public Land a $467,000 grant to study the project.

"That is the first step toward making the Queensway a reality," said Christopher Kay, chief operating officer of the Trust, the nonprofit group helping spearhead the new park.

But even if the elevated tracks turn out to be free from environmental or structural issues, huge challenges would remain as nonprofit backers work to clean and revitalize a site that has suffered from a half-century of neglect.

In its current incarnation, the Queensway features "a great representation of cultural diversity from the beer cans that you find," said Marc Matsil, a local official with the Trust.

I thought the state was broke. The governor all of a sudden has money to piss away on a feasibility study for something we all know isn't feasible? With this money, the acquisition of the Brinckerhoff Cemetery could have been funded 4 times over.

Beer cans as a reflection of Queens diversity...gotta love it.


Anonymous said...

So what do we do with this line, Crapper? Bring back rail service, turn it into a bikeway/nature trail or leave it alone?

Anonymous said...

I wrote about this one last night as well:

Rockaway has no boardwalk, maspeth has no park, the parks we do have are in generally terrible shape... and rich privileged few want a park that no one else in NYC would want if they remembered what they could have instead?

Queens Crapper said...

Leave it alone.

Alen said...

i work close to the high line and it took years of heavy work to clean it and make it look nice. and it cost over $100 million.

there is no way it will happen here. especially with people living so close to it

Joe said...

Leave it alone !
People living along them tracks DO use it and like it just the way it is !
Much like the "un f_cked with" forgotten old Motor Parkway row from New Hyde Park to Westbury.

** "nonprofit group helping spearhead"**
Yeah, sounds like another CEO & tax lawyer CFO writing up 95% of the take as "administrative" costs giving themselves a big paycheck !
"build your own job"
The governor should ask these "nonprofit groups" to show there books to the public before handing them money.

Better yet, If governor truly wants do something he first needs to change this crooked tax law in NY.
This dumb tax law allows a non for profit group to keep 95% of the $$$ as administrative costs and pay themselves, deduct money for $60,000+ rental "work" cars.
--Only 5% needs go to the cause so they can "pretend"

Anonymous said...

Another delusional progressive government waste of taxpayer$$$$$.

While the curbs and roadways circling the 42 avenue median ,from 201st. to 205 st. in Bayside continue to deteriorate and flood.

Have they no shame for their stupidity ?

enjoy your 2013 tax increases for your LOW INFORMATION VOTING.....

Anonymous said...

Use the money to fix Queens Blvd instead!

Anonymous said...

Not a penny for the Steinway Mansion?

That beer can remark?

Queens is beyond ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

'splains a lot. Taking bets that this will never see the light of day but will be a money pit ... for a while.

Anonymous said...

"Another delusional progressive government waste of taxpayer$$$$$."

To an NGO based in San Francisco.

Isn't there anyone local that could do this job? Why give away NY money to lawyers in CA.

Anonymous said...

Adrian Benepe works for them.

Next question.

Anonymous said...

Why $500,000? Where is the plan - why not $50,000 or $5 million?

Anonymous said...

Nice Where do we get the $$$ for cops to patrol up there? Imagine what will going on after dark?!?!?

Anonymous said...

It looks like it will make a swell "muggers' alley" !

Jerry Rotondi said...

Calling Councilman Peter Vallone Junior!

Hello, are you there? Are you listening?

Where's the money for NYC to acquire the Steinway Mansion? The asking price, I believe, has dropped to only $2,000,000. That's a real good deal!

Your odd suggestion that it be turned into a club-casino IS NOT appreciated.

Do you intend to sit on this, or take action?
Do you really give a damn, or are you just biding your time, hoping that you will become our next borough president?

Jerry Rotondi,
former trustee of the Queens Historical Society...
one of the few historic preservationists who has the nerve to put politicians on the grill.

You can relax now, you Astorian "preservationist" cowards--I've just done your work for you.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, the money train to boro hall will run along it.

Anonymous said...

The State want to see if the right away of the rail tracks could be preserved for transportation vs any amenity as use for a park - don't be foolish folks!

Friends Of said...

RU kidding?
Refurbishing the RKO Keith's Flushing theater would be more feasible.

Anonymous said...

I think somebody's train has jumped their tracks.

"LET IT BE", as is!

the old, untouched High Line in Manhattan, was far more interesting as it was, than the overpriced toni trail it's become.

Anonymous said...

So who elected "The Trust for Public Land" anyway? This is a non-starter. Could "beer can diversity" have been intentional self-mockery?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Crapper! Yes! If anyone has any doubts, look at a Google satellite map of this narrow ribbon. It could not possibly be anything like the Highline. The wilderness that has grown up along the abandoned tracks is valuable for the trees and wildlife it contains. There is no buffer between the neighbors and the proposed park. It is just a boondoggle and a way for well-placed people to suck up public moneys. BOOO!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a resident, I can't wait. Our community is excited by this project. The ability to bike safely with my kids is something we will all use.

Anonymous said...

Yup I too thought the state had no money. To throw away money on something as useless as a high line in Queens is ridiculous. I could think of other projects where that money could be better spent like repairing our roadways!

Anonymous said...

The state ALWAYS has mucho $$$$$$$$$ to throw at somebody who's got connections!

Anonymous said...

It's about 20 feet wide.............i don't get it.....

Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid they should actually do like Mayor Laguardia and take a jackhammer to the blight instead of being nostalgic over it.

Anonymous said...

A bikeway that will attract even more stoners,muggers, and gang violence in a neighborhood thats already full them that sounds "fantastic"