Sunday, December 30, 2012

Whitestone Expressway's 3rd Avenue exit to close for 2 years

From the Queens Tribune:

Drivers who use the Whitestone Expressway should prepare to make an adjustment to their driving pattern in the New Year.

The Whitestone Expressway’s 3rd Avenue exit will be closed to all traffic starting on Jan. 7 for approximately two years. The closure is part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bridges and Tunnels’ Capital Improvement Project.

The 42-month, $109 million reconstruction will transform the 1,010-foot-long Queens approach to the bridge, rebuilding the roadway and adding new emergency breakdown shoulders. The southbound 14th Avenue exit ramp will be repaved as well as gaining a deceleration lane and new curbing.

Passenger vehicles driving from the Bronx-bound Cross Island Parkway will have to exit at Utopia Parkway (Exit 33N), and those driving from the northbound Whitestone Expressway will get off either at the 20th Avenue exit and or merge onto the Cross Island Parkway. All commercial vehicles must exit the Whitestone Expressway at 20th Avenue (Exit 15).


Anonymous said...

If you brought in USN SeaBees the job would be done in 3 months tops.

Even the Army Engineers could do it in 6 months.

So why the 42 month estimate, which will certainly be extended to 60 months.

Anonymous said...'s not as if 20th Avenue is overcrowded now!

Anonymous said...

Honest graft.

Next question.

Anonymous said...

More crap to deal with in an already impassable area!

How will the USTA's plans to expand their facilities, and the proposed MLS Stadium, impact the area's traffic flow?


SHOVE IT, Bloomberg!

Anonymous said...

Keep it closed forever or open it the way it was designed.

Stop screwing the people on 5 th avenue with this damned exit.

Right mr.tramunti (rip)

Anonymous said...

So about 3 weeks ago I was at the Greater Whitestone Taxpayers meeting when a woman made a comment about the upcoming closure of this exit. In the back a loud and what appeared to be a drunk Gene Kelty of community board 7 began to yell and scream that "there is a group out there that wants that exit closed forever!" he screamed over and over.
The woman assured him that was not the case and he continued, referring to his position as community board 7 chair. Several people in attendance had to tell him he was yelling and being divisive.

So now there is a video being floated around of Kelty who is supposed to be non biased when he is acting as community board chairman. Instead he was attempting to shout down a woman. He was attempting to divide a community with his lies. He kept using his position as the chairman of the community board to qualify his lies.

I was there gene, I live in the area gene, I have listened to your bullshit for years gene, I now have a video that I will make public soon.

Maybe when I post this video it will go viral on you tube..

Anonymous said...

Actually the Bronx side was completed earlier than estimated. Everyone complains about our city's infrastructure but when it comes time to fix it everyone just bitches and moans...suck it up people.

Anonymous said...

The Whitestone and Malba folks will love this. It means fewer traffic on Third Avenue

Anonymous said...

Psh unions..

Anonymous said...

Malba civic association wants the exit to remain closed. It has caused a traffic nightmare for both the southbound 14th avenue and northbound utopia parkway exits off the cross island parkway. AM rush hour is also worse. The exit must reopen- as quickly as possible! DON'T LET THEM PERMANENTLY CLOSE THE THIRD AVE EXIT!