Thursday, December 13, 2012

Koch endorses Katz

From the Daily News:

Former Mayor Ed Koch, fresh out of the hospital and gearing up for his birthday party at Gracie Mansion this week, is backing Melinda Katz for Queens BP.

"She is the one candidate in the race that raises the level of conversation about balancing economic development with the community in Queens," Koch said in a brief statement.

"As Chair of the City Council's Land Use Committee she achieved that balance citywide," Koch said in a brief statement. It is why I supported her for city comptroller in 2009, and why I am supporting her now for Queens Borough President in 2013."

In addition to her time on the Council, Katz has been a state Assemblywoman and corporate lawyer, as well as a lobbyist.

Here's a jingle inspired by this development:

1-877 KOCH-4-KATZ
Donate your cash today!


Ed Koch said...

How'm I doin'?

Anonymous said...

Ha! That says a lot. 80% of New Yorkers don't even know who Koch is or was!

Anonymous said...

Who really gives a crap what that rickety old relic has to say anymore?

An endorsement from Ed Koch is like trying to bank Confederate money...expecting 8% interest!

The war is over Eddie! Your "power" has long ebbed!

If (lesbian?) Katz thinks that a former (gay?) mayor can help her be it.

LOL! 2 peas in a pod...fading "legends".

Maybe Curtis Sliwa will give Melinda another "injection" to brighten up her prospects.

Anonymous said...

Koch endorsed Lanceman for congress against Meng. Didn't do Lancman any good.

Anonymous said...

A hilarious use of the most annoying jingle in radio.

Well played, Crapper.

georgetheatheist said...

I am curious.

Does Katz sit on Sliwa's beret to get her jollies?

I mean, how does this all work?

Anonymous said...

Koch failed with Lancman, but he succeeded with Turner.

Anonymous said...

ED. KOCH stated that WWll U.S.Naval officer Richard M.Nixon was a NAZI. i heard this at a Little Neck,Queens Temple in the 1980's.

he was upset that the U.S. government had shipped the same technically stripped down, fighter jets to Israel, as Egypt.

Koch also closed two of the most productive public schools in Auburndale , Queens, at that time in 1981.

P.S.130 ,now the highest Math and Language arts scoring elementary students in the state.

P.S.177, then 5th of 600 nyc elementary schools. presently a school for Autism pupils.the cost per pupil estimate is $90,000/year/ea.

we knew he was making a mistake, but he would not take our advice.after a six year D.O.I. (LAND GRAB) probe, the building became a school ,once again.

His administration was the most corrupt in nyc history.
take his name off of the bridge.

Anonymous said...

Very true about Koch's administration being one of the most corrupt in NYC's history.

Just read "City For Sale" which chronicles what went down under Mayor Eddie's regime!

Anonymous said...

Can't stop laughing

Anonymous said...

Koch has gone to the dogz.........

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ed has donated his sperm, to turkey baste an additional biological endorsement.