Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One getting out, another going in

From NY1:

Former State Comptroller Alan Hevesi will be released from prison Wednesday.
A state parole board panel approved Hevesi's release last month.

He's been behind bars since April of last year after a guilty plea on felony corruption charges in a pay-to-play pension scandal.

The Queens Democrat was originally sentenced to one to four years.

He will be on parole through April 2015.

From NY1:

Former Queens lawmaker Hiram Monserrate was sentenced to two years in prison Tuesday.

He must also pay $79,000 in restitution after he pleaded guilty in May to felony conspiracy and mail fraud.

Prosecutors say he diverted $100,000 in City Council grant funds to pay for an unsuccessful state Senate campaign.

"From a very early age I learned when you commit sins you must atone for the sins," Monserrate said. "I took responsibility and this is part of the atonement."

The judge who issued the sentencing compared Monserrate to former president Richard Nixon and said people who use other people's money for their own purposes belong in the lowest level of hell.

The former state Senator is scheduled to report to prison on March 11.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the inmates remember he was a shitty cop that used to rob drug dealers while protecting others.

Anonymous said...

Lowest level of hell? Yeesh. Hyperbole much? Judge needs to brush up on his catechism.

Anonymous said...

Monserrate took responsibility for his crime of MAIL FRAUD AND DIVERTING $$$$$ from grants to his campaigns.

the judge is out of order. Richard Nixon was NEVER CONVICTED of these two crimes or any other crimes. And he was never impeached,as our M.S.M has attempted to spin.

He resigned the presidency.

your turn.....

Anonymous said...

Ya know where's Martha Flores-Vasquez in this story???

Anonymous said...

And how many waiting for their turn! Problem is they dont get enough time for their crimes like regular citizens would get.

Anonymous said...

Anon. No. 3:

1) He resigned before he could be impeached. If he didn't what would have happened?

2) It's true that Nixon never went to trial. But why did he not go to trial? Does the name "Gerald Ford" ring a bell?

Your turn to spin.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking more likely some time in Purgatory would do. He could maybe get a seat next to Hamlet's father.

Anonymous said...

He deserved more time in the slammer!!!!! Now let's get the girlfriend for perjury. They're both lowlifes.

Anonymous said...

The douche bag only took responsibility when he got caught. What a dick!