Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Community doesn't want soccer stadium

From A Walk in the Park:

Rain didn't stop hundreds of people from taking to the streets around Flushing Meadows-Corona Park on Sunday to "express outrage about an unprecedented land grab for public parkland."

The crowd chanted "Bloomberg, entiende! El parque no se vende!" ("Bloomberg, understand, the park is not for sale") and "Bloomberg, escucha! Estamos en la lucha!"("Bloomberg, listen, the people are ready to fight!") as it marched through the immigrant neighborhood of Corona and headed to the park along Roosevelt Avenue under tracks of the 7 train.

The group passed the sites of a proposed 1.4 million sq. ft. mall at CitiField and the proposed expansion of the U.S. Tennis Association's facilities before ending at the Fountain of Planets, where Major League Soccer is heavily lobbying to build a new stadium and concert venue on 13 acres.

The community is demanding they find alternate locations.

Participants held signs saying, "Put Soccer Stadium In Central Park", and "No Soccer Stadium inside the Park!" and "PARK NOT FOR $ALE," SAVE OUR PARK! NO LAND-GRABS," and "SAVE OUR PARK! NO TO SOCCER STADIUM," and "ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER."

The demonstration, called Take Back Our Park March made clear once again that this community vehemently opposes all three proposals, which would take more than 50 acres of public parkland in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. But the Bloomberg administration supports the giveaway to private corporations.


Jerry Rotondi said...


Anonymous said...

Did CB7 leaders comment on this as yet?

Anonymous said...

It's in the city's "best" interests to give away parkland. That's less they have to take care of.

It' SO expensive patrolling FMCP to keep an eye on us "troublesome" Latinos who mainly use it.

There go my 5 cent deposits on every Corona cerveza bottle that I pick up.

You can keep those used condoms.

The Flushing Phantom said...

CB#7 has already set the level of the bribes they are willing to accept, for approving this latest boondoggle.

Ask yourself this.
if CB#7 really cared about diddly-squat, why the hell does Flushing look like shit?

The proof is in the doo doo.
Forget about savoring any holiday pudding!

We'll all have to continue to eat crap, until CB#7 is purged of its scurvy crooks.

Kelty, chairman of the bored, goes first!
Apelian follows him.
Then fill up the enema bag for a thorough cleansing!

Anonymous said...

don't worry.

for a few bucks they will encourage their neighbors to shout them out.

then the pols will show up - everyone will get quiet and polite as they get busy bowing and scraping.

the stadium will be built.

Jon Torodash said...

'"We cannot make any deals behind closed doors," said City Council Member Julissa Ferreras. "We cannot have such an important part of our community — the lungs of our community — be negotiated in City Hall. We must bring the people to the table..."'

Oh really? Like the last minute, effectively "closed door" deal Ferreras was gunning for to get rid of the Civic Virtue statue? Typical NIMBY attitude, at best.

Anonymous said...

So the tweeded are once again biting the corrupt hands that feed them. I'm really not sure if there is any one side here for us to root for over the other.