Thursday, December 13, 2012

Those "left behind"

A reader sent me this story from "Offbeat China," a blog focused on the Chinese community.

In a nutshell, lots of Chinese are entering the U.S. illegally, giving birth here (so their kids are born American), then shipping the babies to China to live with their grandparents while the parents work long hours here for low pay. When the child turns 5, he is shipped back to America to be enrolled in school. There are 10,000 of these children in just the town of Fuzhou, Fujian Province alone.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese will likely control America in the next 20-30 years.
Due to the tanking dollar they are already buying everything in sight including whole towns and American Airlines.
These kids are driven, interested in education and study like machines.

We had hordes of them at Brooklyn Tech Highschool all blowing everybody away with test scores. They would be studying on the B38 bus 7AM in the morning, on the way home after school and in the cafeteria.
Nothing else mattered to them....No TV, Ballgames, social life, dating, girls, cars NOTHING !!
They were more like machines !!

Anonymous said...

there are 100,000 just in queens alone...

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the Chinese, don't blame the Mexicans. They are just doing what OUR GOVERNMENT is ALLOWING them to do! WE are destroying our own country by allowing this to go on!

Anonymous said...

If Westerners continue to be tuned in to idiot making electronic devices...then hail to the Asians!

We need to re-establish our high end brain trust with Chinese devotion to education.

Don't blame the Chinese because Jamal in Jamaica is listening to Big Pun instead of studying for his finals.

GED diplomas don't cut it in an advancing world!

Anonymous said...

Wrong #1!

In 20-30 years the Chinese WON'T even be able to control their own oversized unwieldy country.

There are signs of it all unraveling already.

Anonymous said...

The towns in America that the Chinese might be buying up, are decaying towns that are about to blow away in the wind anyway.

Do you want to live in these Podunks?

Anonymous said...

The average American spends like a drunken sailor, mostly to show off. Thousands are spent on tech devices that are out of date in as little as one year.

The average Chinese INVESTS in lasting value...EDUCATION!

Success is all about delayed gratification.
You bite the bullet while your young and reap a fortune later.

The dumb ass shoots his wad early in the game, and winds up bankrupt in later life.

Don't waste your time being jealous.
Learn to put YOUR nose to the grindstone too!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It was the post WWII European Jewish refugees that strengthen America's brain trust. The same goes for Chinese refugees right now.

Shall I trust the spawn of the lazy to keep America strong and competitive in a changing world?

All play and no work keep Jack a dumb boy!

Anonymous said...

the future is star trek but getting there is going to be awfully painful

Anonymous said...

It was the post WWII European Jewish refugees that strengthen America's brain trust. The same goes for Chinese refugees right now.

LOL WUT!!!!!!!

It was actually the post WWII Jewish politician Emanuel Celler who introduced the Immigration act of 1965 that allowed so many chinese, to say the least, to immigrate to The United States of America.

Anonymous said...

and the democrat senator from Mass. ,Ted Kennedy who supported it through the congress ,while democrat president L.B.Johnson signed it into law.

Ned said...

"Birthing safe houses"
Must be 100s of them from Flushing to Little Neck.
You can notice them by the covered up windows and mountains of trash outside.
Lions, gargoyle looking creatures are usually always someplace facing away from the the front and rear doors.

There is on one birthing house on Shadow lane in Great Neck. Bedsheets on all the windows, lots of trash and van "delivery's" into the garage by Asian people. The town and INS have been ignoring complaints

Anonymous said...

I remember when it was the Japanese we had to emulate and who were going to take over the world, and the US! Look at them now.

Anonymous said...

Nobody has to emulate anyone.
Everybody is on their own to seek living a better life.

Crack the books more often, instead of powering up your "I-phone" to log onto "I-tunes".

The Jews, the Chinese, the Japanese, etc. who spent their time on education, are doing very well as citizens of the USA.

WE ARE NOT talking about what shape their countries of origin are in, or will be in later on.

The more time you spend on education, the more $$$$$$$$ you earn....PERIOD!

The data exists to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Smart, these Orientals...."anchor babies" are a way of ensuring their future.

If you don't like the status quo, get Congress to change the law.

Close up the loopholes!

But then, you would have to raise your lazy ass off your recliner, to pressure your Congressman to do so in the voting booth.

Maybe that's too strenuous for ya, Gramps!

Grumbling and whining comes a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

"there you go again"...and no comment from the wise one.

Anonymous said...

Deport the mother and raise her baby in an orphanage.

Then see how quickly the the idea of birthing anchor babies on US soil ceases!

America has become a patsy nation for every scheming foreigner

Anonymous said...

"I remember when it was the Japanese we had to emulate and who were going to take over the world, and the US! Look at them now."

Yes, but now..USA is in the same 'shithole' economically, esp low interest rate and situation as the Japanese had in the 1990s so (their lost decade) so same might happen to the USA esp with the freaking 1 trillion dollar debt to China!!!