Thursday, December 20, 2012

MTA boss running for mayor

From AM-NY:

MTA chief Joe Lhota plans to announce Friday he is stepping down to run for New York City mayor as a Republican, a state government source said Tuesday.

Lhota, who was deputy mayor under Rudy Giuliani, has been lauded for leading the restoration of the transit system after Superstorm Sandy.

He was appointed to the MTA post Jan. 4, at Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's recommendation. His term was to expire June 2015.

By law, Lhota cannot run for mayor while holding the chairman position.

MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg declined to comment. Lhota did not answer a phone call.

The source said Lhota will finish the year with the MTA.


Anonymous said...

Does this fool believe New Yorkers would vote for someone who just raised their subway fares and bridge tolls???
He oesnt have a prayer!

Anonymous said...

Here's another crooked jerk for you...
who's another wannabee mayor.

At least that fascist Benito Mussolini made his trains run on time!

Anonymous said...

The man who raised fares,
Doesn't have a prayer!

Politics = crime

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong. He had no choice. I am angry they just don't make it $3 already so they can get the revenue to balance the budget and cut into the debt instead of this constant stream of raises.
While he was running the MTA people felt more confident with him then they did with the prior leadership. He handled Sandy well also.
Ask yourself, him or Quinn?

Anonymous said...

He's the freak that gave us articulating busses that take so long to fill up with passengers they need to change the way you pay before boarding. We need a "No new transit pledge" in NYC like Norquist. And "No COngestion Pricing" power grabs for the transit unions.

Anonymous said...

Joe the bar tender.

Anonymous said...

Somebody likes him. Read the article and editorial in the New York Post today.

Anonymous said...

Don't trust him!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why so many people post that people won't vote for someone who just raised their fares.

This nation, and especially New York State and even more so NYC just re-elected President Obama whose Health Care Plan and tax policies are going to raise "revenue" (taxes).

Even if people are so dense that they have convinved themselves that the Federal Policy will only raise taxes on the "rich" (sucessful) they should still be able to notice that State and local taxes are all going up every year, it's not a co-incidence it's the result of Federal Policy of spend, spend, spend, spend.

OF COURSE the subway fares will go up, so will school sports, road repair fees, parking, traffic tickets, etc.

Either you believe in spending less or you believe in spending more.

New Yorkers just proved they believe in spending more.

(You think Quinn or John Liu will rein in spending? ARE YOU INSANE??

Anonymous said...

Guliani made his money on the death's of those who perished on 9/11 and this guy worked for him.
Cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

In 1994 Giuliani endorsed Cuomo, now Lohta worked for another Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

#9....DITTO...DITTO...... did you escape from the nuthouse?

Anonymous said...

#10 completely right.

#12 ad hominem.

Anonymous said...

Be barely worked a year at the MTA
What did he accomplish? Besides initiating a 3 year revenue generating plan placed on the already burdened backs of riders and drivers.

Anonymous said...

Hes a Bloomberg wannabe.

Anonymous said...

Ok folks would you rather have the fat pig BOSS QUINN telling you WTF to do? Not me boys and girls or what ever have it your way!

Or do we go with the wonderful folks that Bloomberg is quietly backing? No thank you I had enough!

Anonymous said...

Reality...really bites!

NYC is and ALWAYS has been run by the real estate industry.

ALL of the candidates are owned by them, to one degree or another.

Should a hard working honest man or woman get to become mayor (which is doubtful) he or she will be strangled by the shady fish that swim around him in the ocean of corruption!

OR...he or she will join their ranks...perhaps, out of pure frustration!

Happy new year. It doesn't look good, folks!

Emir said...

I'm not voting for successors to Rudy Ghouliani or mayor Moneybags. They will only serve to continue the legacy of their predecessors and the big business leaders that are turning NYC into a FUCKING suburb.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Ride the SOB out of town on a rail--the 3rd rail!


I'm only kidding--don't want Kelly's cops banging my front door in.

Anonymous said...

During the Koch and Dinkins administrations ,1980-93 ,NYC was a high murder and crime ridden city.and the most politically corrupt. The record shows that 2500 homicides were committed yearly.

The Giuliani N.Y.P.D. managers and rank and file,1993-2002 reduced this number to 400 homicides/year.

The N.Y.P.D. officials harassed the mob,at the fish market,javits center and the italian festivals so much so that Giuliani's crew and families had 24 hour around the clock security.

If Lhota was part of the crew making citizens safe from murder and mugging, then i will give him the benefit of the doubt.
the alternative dem/ progressives as mayor are stomach turning to me.
It is depressing enough that the NYC Council is a tax and spend ,union/socialist laundry machine.

Anonymous said...

The Giuliani N.Y.P.D. managers and rank and file were instrumental in getting this city back to where we are today - although we are declining rapidly.

If Lhota was part of the crew making citizens safe from murder and mugging, then i will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Lhota gets huge points for planning the subway shutdown and resuming service (no small feat) within a week of complete flooding! There have been many folks who have run for office but never had operational experience in running major public enterprises without mishaps. I ASK YOU : DO YOU WANT QUIN TO RUN FOR MAYOR? WILL SHE FOCUS ON YOUR NEEDS IN QUEENS OR HER OWN SOCIAL AGENDA AND CAUSES AT YOUR EXPENSE?

Anonymous said...

Everyone had low expectations for the MTA's performance during Hurricane Sandy, and you have to admit that Lhota exceeded expectations, worked his ass off, and got this city moving again.

But that's exactly why he should not have resigned as MTA chief. The MTA needs strong leadership and the city needs the MTA to turn things around again, not a Republican candidate who has no chance of winning. Why, Joe?

Anonymous said...

when "LOW INFORMATION VOTERS" determine the winning electeds ,we all suffer....