Monday, December 24, 2012

Flooding to resume in southeast Queens

From the Daily News:

A solution for chronic flooding in southeastern Queens homes has proven to be short-lived as the state has nixed a popular ground-water pumping program.

Homeowners were finally getting relief after more than a decade of having their basements flood with a mix of storm water and sewage after heavy rains.

But now that the state has ceased pumping water out of a St. Albans well, which lowers the high water table in the area and alleviates flooding, homeowners are once again on edge.

The well was re-opened in August to remove toxic material in the groundwater, he said. About 800,000 gallons of water were being pumped out a day until operations were suspended last month.

A city Department of Environmental Protection official told the Daily News on Wednesday that the agency is not responsible for operating the wells.

A state Department of Environmental Conservation official also denied having any involvement with Station 24. But a Nov. 28 email from the DEC confirms the agency was responsible for operating the well.

DEC officials did not immediately respond to questions on Wednesday about whether the well would be re-opened.


Anonymous said...

"The well was re-opened in August to remove toxic material in the groundwater, he said."

Who he, please?

Anonymous said...

If this were northeast Queens this would never be happening!

Jon Torodash said...

According to the story, this should be a question of producing the e-mail, and reviewing documents pertaining to the Jamaica Water Supply Company. Will Scarborough follow through?

Anonymous said...

Who knows ?
I could very well be a plan to destroy all them houses and "get all them people out" cheap
You then convey the land to build a Casino, stadium housing complex with new money.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like some social engineering to me...
move out the "dark" folk.

"Urban renewal...Black removal", as they used to say.