Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bloomberg calls out Quinn on shady legislation

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg accused ally Christine Quinn of trying to let money corrupt next year’s mayor’s race.

He trashed a piece of campaign finance legislation she’s pushing as a "terrible idea" Tuesday.

The bill would allow unions and corporations to spend unlimited amounts — and coordinate with the campaigns of their favored candidates — as long as their efforts are aimed exclusively at their own members or shareholders.

“This is just a blatant attempt by a handful of unions to get around [campaign finance limits], and it’s really not good for democracy,” said Bloomberg, who funded his campaigns with his own unlimited millions.

“You’re going to throw away all of the improvements in campaign finance if you do this. There’ll be nothing left.”

Sources said the unions 32BJ and SEIU 1199, whose endorsements will be highly coveted in the mayor’s race, were heavily involved in drafting the bill.

Two other Democratic mayoral candidates - former Controller Bill Thompson and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio - said they support the bill.

Another Democratic mayoral candidate, Controller John Liu, said he’s reviewing it but supports unfettered communication between groups and their members.


Jerry Rotondi said...

But it's OK for Bloomberg to buy his mayoral seat with his millions.

Yet--given the nasty, shrill, venal, vengeful nature of Quinn--I'd rather give half pint a 4th term than see Chrissy rule NYC like Catherine The Great!

Anonymous said...

She must feel like a giant pile of shit after all she has been doing his bidding all this time.

Goes to show ya, never trust a midget billionaire.

FluShing Rezident said...

"...unions AND corporations..." So why are unions singled out as the bad guys?

Anonymous said...

"...unions AND corporations..." So why are unions singled out as the bad guys?

So why are corporations singled out.

Check out to see who really is corrupting politics with their money. Unions, particularly teachers, make big corporations look like pikers.

Anonymous said...

if corporate employees strike, they will most likely be replaced.

if unionized public servants strike, they still have a lifetime job. and the corporate earners pay their salaries and benefits. but that is beginning to change, because the cities are going broke.
with 23Million private sector citizens unemployed and underemployed, the tax revenues can not sustain the union servant's high labor costs.

it is reported that in the U.S.109 million private sector earners are supporting 85 Million ,who collect government checks....

Anonymous said...

I bet these are the same people who pooh-poohed the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court.