Friday, December 28, 2012

"Community facility" and retail for Scobee site

From Bayside Patch:

Community Board 11 has received an application for the construction of a retail and community facility at the Scobee Diner site in Little Neck, the board’s district manager said.

The building on Northern Boulevard that previously housed the popular diner has been vacant since the eatery closed in November 2010.

Susan Seinfeld, CB 11’s district manager, said the board has received an application from Manhattan’s LION BEE Equities to demolish the Scobee building and replace it with two-story building with retail on its first floor and a community facility on the second floor.

Seinfeld said it was unclear what type of retail store the developer was planning for the first floor. A community facility for the second floor could be anything from a day care center to a medical office.

The applicant would need to go to the city’s Board of Standards and Appeals for a variance because the Scobee property is split up between three different zoning districts.


Anonymous said...

Is it an Asian developer?
That corner of Little Neck is becoming a Little Korea.

Anonymous said...

Did the owner also sell the parking lot?

Anonymous said...

Of course its an Asian developer !

Great--More Korean stores and church.
The Rev.Moon organization plays a huge part bankrolling and "payola" all this crap through.
They are like the Mob
From what I understand the sale to Asian developer (with an office in Manhattan) is pending on a re-zone. That landlord is a total scumbag traitor to his own people who already has plenty of $$ .

Anonymous said...

@Anon1: The company is based out of a house in Great Neck. There were no Asian names when I did a reverse search of the address.

Anonymous said...

Good chance that tiny house is a rental owned by the Scobee's Goniff landlord.

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I've missed Scobee. Their food sucked and it was overpriced at that!

Anonymous said...

Anon #4...
Asians have gotten wiser these days. They very rarely use Asian sounding names for their development companies.