Thursday, December 27, 2012

NY Times' Queens coverage is in travel section

So the NY Times’ Metro desk is supposed to cover Queens, but they have it in their travel section.


36 Hours? In Queens, Enough Frugal Options for a Week

36 Hours in Queens, N.Y.

OMG, everything is so exotic and ethnic there!


Anonymous said...

So foreign tourists visiting NYC, from India or China, are going to waste a day traveling out to Jackson Heights or Flushing to get what they just left at home.

Very doubtful...not when there's Radio City, Rockefeller Center, South Street Seaport and great museums to visit.

Who's leg do you think you can pull...behind the times New York Times?

The Jerk U Off travel Agency said...

"Oh look, it's "world famous" Patel Brothers on 74th Street JH. I'm so glad we stopped here, Yuri".

"Groan, Natasha...I told you I wanted to visit Macy's in Manhattan, the world's largest department store. Now we've wasted half a day" in...what's this damn place called...Queens?"

FluShing Rezident said...

These articles are so misleading! PS1 and the Noguchi Garden are not representative of Queens in the slightest - they're the rare highlights in an otherwise Third World ghetto!!!!!

Anonymous said...

QUeens is not a tourist destination for the international tourist. This article is probably more geared to the fly-over state 25 - 30 year olds who move to Northwest Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's focus on food and shopping and not mention what dens of filth these neighborhoods are. After all, people who read the Times aren't expected to live amongst the unwashed masses, just slum it once and awhile.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like this year, The NYT discovered Queens. Could Staten Island be next?

Anonymous said...

"So foreign tourists visiting NYC, from India or China, are going to waste a day traveling out to Jackson Heights or Flushing to get what they just left at home."

Why not? People flock from all over the US to go to Times Sq and eat at TGIFridays or Applebees.

Anonymous said...

Baseball and tennis are the only 2 reasons to go to Queens.

Anonymous said...

Once again tourism in Queens is out of the hands of Queens and in the hands of NY & Company.

Why be creative when you can have someone else do the work and publish the same empty mindless pablum about this borough that has been written and repeated ad nauseum for the past generation.

If you are fresh off the boat from Iowa, the place is exotic enough - look at all the local blogs full of apolitical hipsters that fill their pointless lives with the minutiae of foodies the same way their working class brethren ceaseless pick over sport team formations.

For a city that prides itself in vibrant creative culture so much of it in reality shares the ossified stagnant stifling characteristics of any one party state in some Godforsaken corner of Asia.

Anonymous said...

The message is clear to the outside world - stay out of Queens - there is nothing for you here.

Last thing Virginia Joe needs are troublemakers.

Anonymous said...

Manhattanites want Chinese?

They have first class Chinese restaurants in Manhattan that are clean and do not serve 'mystery meat.'

If they really want first rate Chinese, they will hop into a jet and go to China.

Flushing? When is the hell is the last time you saw anyone from Manhattan dining in the Flushing ghetto?

Anonymous said...

Uh...doofus...Times Square happens to be one of the hottest international tourist destinations.

What hole in Queens are you hiding in?
Walk down 42 Street and have a look see!

Anonymous said...

NY Times much better at coverage in Indian neighborhood issues in India than Indian neighborhoods in New York City.

Anonymous said...

That's what the New York Times is really all about...
FOREIGN distribution and readership.

THERE, back in the home countries, the NYT encourages emmigration to America to inflate its flattened real estate values in certain areas.

"Come to America, the golden land'.

Flushing was one of those such neighborhoods.
There are others.

Anonymous said...

The New York Times has always had the attitude of a surprised anthropologist looking at Lancaster Co. Amish or the people of the Amazon rain forest when it comes to the outer four boroughs. It isa utterly alien to their Manhattan urban / NJ-LI-CT suburban staff and readers.

Anonymous said...

The only thing in New York City worse than Queens is the Times.