Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time to fix the wall

From the Times Ledger:

The bay wall that runs along a large portion of Beach Channel Drive, a main thoroughfare in the Rockaways, has sparked the concern of local politicians and community leaders. The area’s state assemblyman, Phil Goldfeder (D-Ozone Park), said he has long called for the restoration of the bay wall and pointed out that it now is in even worse shape after Hurricane Sandy.

“Right now, the safety of Beach Channel Drive is questionable and this puts our families at a level of risk that I refuse to accept,” said Goldfeder.

Community Board 14 District Manager Jonathan Gaska also said the community has long been struggling to bring attention to the wall.

“We have been fighting for years and it’s about time someone takes notice before it’s too late,” he said.

The seawall includes both public and private ownership. But the city Department of Transportation said for the portions under its jurisdiction, repairs have either been completed or are about to begin. The agency said it has already wrapped repairs at Beach 131st Street and it expects to soon begin repairs from Beach 116th to Beach 125th streets and from Beach 130th to Beach 145th streets.


Anonymous said...

Ain't gonna happen until a huge chunk falls into the bay.
Elected officials couldn't give a crap!

Anonymous said...

Time to fix our city government...state....and federal too!