Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Developing Flushing Meadows would be an ecological nightmare

From the Daily News:

Because Bloomberg understands climate change so well, it is baffling that his administration has signed on to development plans for Flushing Meadows that are alarming — the construction of new stadiums, roads, parking lots and a massive mall in the park.

These construction projects will substantially increase the percentage of impervious surface cover (materials that do not absorb water) in the park as green spaces are converted to structures (stadiums and malls) and concrete roads, parking lots and walkways. Any gains against pollution runoff and flooding in the Meadow and Willow Lake watershed will be damaged by these developments, and storm runoff into Flushing Bay will likely increase.

Such development will also further damage Flushing Meadows’ historical role as a marshy buffer against storm surge and coastal flooding, placing residents and businesses located near Flushing Meadows in a more vulnerable position during extreme weather events. Do the developers of the soccer stadium have plans to address the potential damage from flooding to surrounding neighborhoods wrought by their work?

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is no stranger to bold plans that usher in major changes. However, these new developments resemble the worst excesses of Robert Moses rather than his success in originally creating the park. True boldness requires further protective wetland restoration in the park.


Jerry Rotondi said...

Before the waters subside,
let's hold an international model sailboat regatta.

My toy yacht, "Flushing Folly" has just been refitted.

Forget about those dragon boat races. We've got a real opportunity here to attract tourists for this kind of event.

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court will rule tomorrow on just WHO is responsible for polluted storm water run-off. I sense a major contender for that responsibility in the Mayor's office - considering his bally-hooed environmentalism, crap like Flushing and Staten Island show the reality: it's all about the money, honey. In some places money is made by loudly proclaimed green efforts, in other by ignoring the environment and performing the same colonial extraction practices - extract the money and the hell with sustainability.

Anonymous said...

Concern for the environment has always been a smokescreen for pushing advancing socialism at the expense of private property rights. This concern evaporates when the government wants to do whatever it wants to do.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 3:

As opposed to guys like you, who have absolutely no concern for the environment and wants to let private industry do whatever it wants to do.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 4: Because Newtown Creek exists, any government-sponsored destruction of the environment is fine. Is that your rationalization for the pave-over of FMCP?

Anonymous said...

"Advancing socialism"...WTF RU talking about?

That loose screw tea bagger never stops posting his obtuse drivel.

Fell... stick to the subject, or stick it somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Post #2

Sublime, absolutely sublime.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

I'm not rationalizing anything. I want FMCP to remain a park and not a corporate playground. I oppose the soccer stadium. However, I also oppose people saying that "Concern for the environment has always been a smokescreen for pushing advancing socialism at the expense of private property rights."

Anonymous said...

Before he died Tom Campagna promised to unbury the FLushing River

Anonymous said...

Anon.#3 how is taking public land and giving it to private interests a.) socialism and b.)disregarding private property rights? Do you know what socialism is? Do you know what private property is? The fact that your understanding of this situation is literally the complete opposite of the truth is laughable,sad,scary,etc.

Yuki Endo said...

Flushing Meadow Corona Park is major life line for all cultural activities.

Flushing Meadow Corona Park has all kinds of activities such as Dragon Boat Festival, Cinco de Mayo festival.

Destroying the park is like Team Rocket trying to destroy Pokemon World, where Pokemon Trainers and Pokemon leaves in peace.

Flushing Meadow Park is just like Pokemon World, natural habitat that needs to be protected.

Anonymous said...

If it can be dreamed of, it can be built.
Fuck the public as long as the developers mine cash off of this fiasco.
But, they need this cash to fund politicians' campaigns in return for their approval of more ridiculous projects in the future.
Queens has little but land to offer, and it will be built upon regardless of the consequences.