Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where are the promised jobs?

From the Brooklyn Paper:

A group of unemployed construction workers is suing Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner to recover lost wages for jobs that they claim they were promised but never received at the $5-billion Prospect Heights megaproject.

The workers will announce the federal lawsuit this morning in Fort Greene, steps from the under-construction Barclays Center.

Ratner once boasted that the 22-acre project would create 1,500 jobs per year over a 10-year buildout, but roughly 700 people are currently at work on the arena.

The paltry numbers have prompted disgruntled workers — who backed the project during its approval process five years ago — to rally regularly for jobs.


Anonymous said...

Who needs a stadium,basketball is done!

Anonymous said...

They turned into
Bruce Ratner hand jobs!

Anonymous said...

You want to blame someone? Blame your neighbors who fought this project every step of the way. All the delays meant the project got scaled WAY back, and are therefore less jobs.

Less work allowed = less jobs needed.

Simple as that.

Truth Serum said...

Anonymous #3, you're a moron. The project hasn't been scaled back; it's all still on the table, only Ratner doesn't have the money to build anything more than the arena. And the phony union-job promises were made in the past year.

Like every other Atlantic Yards promise, this was more b.s.

Anonymous said...

the same thing will happen at willets point , they bull shit everyone .

Anonymous said...

nets suck anyway , ratner should loose all his money afer he took everyones land to build this mess.

Anonymous said...

When conservatives wave tax breaks for the rich in front of us as a way to 'stimulate jobs' - any pitiful idiot who buys that is a sucker.

There has been an ENORMOUS transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich in the last 20 years - the proof of this is in the ridiculous inflation of real estate values in the NYC area.

Anonymous said...

Calling Bloomberg a conservative is like calling Obama a reformer.

Anonymous said...

20,000 jobs will be available when the KEYSTONE PIPELINE in the midwest gets approved by obama'a Dept. OF Energy.

but oh wait ! he will not approve it till after the 2012 election. is he a" conservative"? the GREENIES don't want it, but the UNIONS do.
is he playing politics with your jobs?

BOEING wants to build a factory in South Carolina. the Obama National Labor Relations Bd. will not permit them. how many jobs is this" conservative" president stopping in S.C. ?