Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dead raccoon in front of abandoned Jamaica property

I have been complaining for several months in regards to two empty lots in Jamaica, Queens right next to where I live. The one lot is at the corner of 170th St & 90th Avenue (next to my co-op building, Avalon Terrace Apartments). The other lot is located 2 doors down from that lot at 169-15 90th Avenue.

The empty lot at the corner of 170th and 90th Avenue not only was having garbage tossed inside the enclosed fence, but so much various types of garbage was being thrown on the outside of the lot onto the sidewalks on 170th St and 90th Avenue. Eventually the sanitation department came to remove the large cardboard boxes with garbage in them and some of the other garbage, but left a lot lying on the sidewalk. Myself and two handymen from my building went on a Saturday to clean up what the sanitation department did not finish. About 2 weeks later, 2 guys were cleaning up the outside of the lot and the inside. I went to ask who they were and they said they worked for the owner of the lot, who I think was also there. They cut the grass on the outside of the lot and cleaned up the garbage and leaves that were piling up. They also went inside the lot to cut some of the weeds and put garbage in large plastic bags. They left without finishing the lot. Here it is several weeks later and the garbage bags are piled in the one corner of the lot and then I saw the guys put some other garbage bags underneath the high weeds (that they did not cut) on the other side of the lot. So now the lot contains all of the garbage bags that they did not remove and they have not been back since. In the meantime, more garbage is being thrown in there.

The 2nd lot at 169-15 90th Avenue has a huge wooden fence that is falling apart and leaning into the sidewalk. Also in front of this lot on the sidewalk are high weeds with a lot of garbage lying in it including a big dead raccoon, which I just saw the other day. I took photos of this and a video today. I have been complaining about this issue for several months, including filing a complaint with the city on September 17th. To this day the situation has not been resolved and is getting worse. I have a video clip at the following:

This is totally unacceptable and this is just one of a few places like this that are all over Jamaica (one is in front of the post office parking lot).

I am going to continually monitor this situation near me and will also begin to take photos and videos of other places in Jamaica. This needs to be addressed. I am willing to work with politicians and the city to see that this situation gets addressed. This type of situation does not nor would it be tolerated in Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Long Island City, Astoria, Maspeth and other places in Queens, but for some reason it is allowed to happen in Jamaica and does not seem to get addressed.

What is happening is a disgrace. First you have people who are throwing garbage all over the place where people live, owners of buildings and lots who are not cleaning up their property and a city who seems to be very lax about the situation. Jamaica has so much potential, but if the city cannot even keep it clean, how are you going to attract the necessary people and businesses here to help Jamaica rise above its image problem.


Joe M


Anonymous said...

Forest Hills is having the same problem of late.
Communities must alert their City Council And community board immediately and stay on top of them.

Anonymous said...


This is exactly what you should be doing: letting Crappy know about something like this.

If Edith or Archie's car is 1 minute overdue at the parking meter they get a ticket, let an absentee landlord or speculator's property look like shit for months and that is ok.

Now lets bump things up a notch - if there is a problem in YOUR community ask your community board or elected (is there any difference in Queens?) and record their lame excuse and send it to Crappy.

A few months later do it again. And again.

Like giving one's hair a good cleaning, the only way to get rid of dirt is to wash and rinse repeatedly.

georgetheatheist said...

Thursday is Racoon Recycling Day. All deceased varmints and critters must be placed spread-eagled curbside for Sanitation pick-up. Dogs, cats, and gerbils are included...Bloomberg Municpal Law 4QIOU69

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Raccoon lo mein!!!

Anonymous said...

Gee, if you folks in NYC could easily own a .22 cal weapon, you could solve your own varmint problems.

(We have the same here in MA. But it's wolves and foxes)