Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vallone endorses hipster stupidity

From the Daily News:

When hundreds of zombies take to the streets of Astoria this weekend to feed on the flesh of human victims, it won’t be an apocalypse as much as a fantasy come to life.

The first annual Queens Thanksgiving Zombie Walk on Saturday is just the latest crawl to capitalize on the growing craze for everything undead and supernatural.

More than 550 “zombies” had confirmed their attendance on the event’s Facebook page by Thursday afternoon for the walk along 30th Ave.

The walk is to conclude at the Shillelagh Tavern for walking dead drink specials and live bands — including a folk songs from the zombie perspective.

City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. said it’s about time the undead came to Astoria.

“A few citizens may have their brains eaten, but it’s a fun thing,” said the Astoria Democrat, who was planning a viewing party from a safe distance. “Astoria is already known as a trendy, cool place to be and this is just going to help with that reputation.”

If this is what passes for trendy and cool, I think I'll stay boring. BTW, crime in Astoria has skyrocketed to the point that rallies are required. (But at least it's trendy.)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says...I think he already had his brain eaten....

Anonymous said...

The Vallones are disgusting!

Anonymous said...

If these ghouls
opt to pull some crooked sleeping pols from their beds
(like the Vallones) and desire
to feast on their flesh....
then I'm all for it!

But who in their right mind
would find political meat tasty?

Anonymous said...

Hey, they're voters and the "Vs"
(Vallone vampires) can't afford to alienate them!

You should see the aging (undead?) Don Pietro Vallone slinking down the back alleys of Astoria at night looking for a nice throbbing jugular vein.

I'm loading my revolver with silver bullets!

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt they're voters. Who encourages 500 drinkers to invade their neighborhood in costume? Crime rate about to go up even more.

Buffy said...

Not voters?
Don't you be be silly, now.

Vampires vote many times over the centuries.

They've got a lot at stake....LOL!

Van Helsing said...

If you want to catch a Vallone asleep in his earth filled coffin...
try the Steinway Mansion's cellar.

But you hunters beware!

This dynasty seems to outlive all others.

And they've already sucked Astoria almost completely dry.

You could wind up being one of their next victims!

Al Chapman said...

The yuppies really need to realize that this is NYC and not their hometown of Idaho.

Time to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, after the business with the Batman costume this isn't surprising.

Chico's old man said...

Sounds like they're going to have fun. Young people, plus some fun, free pub for the area businesses (yes, pubs)--sounds like a good and profitable time for all. Ease up, Arch (all of you Archies). They're kids- let them have some fun. You're not going to attract their dollars talking like that, and I'd guess you're no booster of your local Chamber.

Anonymous said...

if vallone is so in favor of this why doesn't he start off the parade !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Astoria is already known as a trendy, cool place to be and this is just going to help with that reputation.”


If Queens went to the crapper years ago - this caps it.

Anonymous said...

This just proves that these moron hipsters truly have no long term concern for any neighborhood they colonize. While crime skyrockets, they play zombie games, to the detriment of everyone else just going about their business. They are completely oblivious to the "natives", they look at them with disdain when they even notice them at all. They have no intention of setting down roots here, or of making any positive contributions during their "slumming" days. Astoria, Williamsburg, and all of NYC is just one big playground to them.

Anonymous said...

I liked Astoria MUCH better when it was "un-cool". Ironically, it was actually cooler then.

Joe said...

Astoria was no doubt was great before the invasion of hipsters and "south the borders"
It was all "mom and pops"
I once enjoyed going to Rizzos pizza where the owner and his daughter cranked out fresh slices all day.
At the time I did musical amplifier repairs twice a week for for George who owns the Astoria music. The landlord has since doubled his rent 3 times !!


Kevin Walsh said...

The hipster triathlon is coming. Santacon, No Pants, Idiotarod.

Anonymous said...

I'm 30 years old and have lived in Astoria my whole life. These so called "hipsters" have done nothing but make Astoria better. They bring great restaurants, nightlife, and are generally respectful of their surroundings. Frankly, they have done much more than some groups have done to this neighborhood. Who cares if they want to have a stupid gathering that will make this pub owner tons of cash.

There are people that move here that treat this place how they treated their third world country. Total slobs. I'd take a house with a few hipsters over a two family house stuffed to the brim with illegal aliens.

I read this site religiously, but sometimes i just dont get the complaining. If you hate Vallone that's one thing. But who gives a shit about some people who want to dress up and have a few drinks. It vaguely sounds like a pretty popular holiday. Halloween. What a bunch of grumps. go argue about real problems.

georgetheatheist said...

I agree.

"Hey Ralphie-boy, good, clean fun." - Ed Norton

Anonymous said...

Wow, the supporter of this stupidfest felt it necessary to write 3 long paragraphs defending it. I wonder if he/she also signed up for the community watch program being started since they hate what's been happening to the neighborhood.

Did you ever stop to think that people who live in Astoria might not want to look that these disgusting - and they are disgusting - costumes? Why are these people obsessed with death?

Anonymous said...

They bring great restaurants, nightlife, and are generally respectful of their surroundings.
ever go to a community board meeting and listen to a pathetic bleat from the locals on trash, urination, and noise and lack of response from the 114 before they are hooted off the stage by the chair?

the community board prides itself and even brags at how efficient they are at handling stuff like this.

and surprise, no one from the community even bothers to go most of time.

which is exactly what is intended by their behavior.

Anonymous said...

Why do the people of Astoria keep putting up with the stupidity of the Vallones

Anonymous said...

Why do the people of Astoria keep putting up with the stupidity of the Vallones?

Thats easy. Because the people living on Tony Bennent Blvd are stupider than the Vallones. Go see "Queens Logic".

Next question.

Anonymous said...

Is this from The Walking Dead? I like that show.