Saturday, November 26, 2011

Johnny thinks he's slick

From CBS New York:

A spokesman for the campaign of New York City Comptroller John Liu says about $20,000 in contributions have been returned after federal authorities began investigating the politician’s fundraising.

George Arzt tells The New York Times in Thursday editions that “refunds are a standard process of campaign committees.” And he says it has been the policy of Liu’s campaign to refund any contribution “when a question is raised.”

So, how does one return contributions to people who didn't donate them? Do you write a refund check to the bundler, thereby admitting guilt? Or do Mrs. Wang and Mr. Woo get some early Christmas bonuses?

From the International Business Times:

For one Flushing Democratic strategist who has known Liu for years, the future for Liu, a Democrat who served as Flushing's City Councilman from 2001 to 2009, can be boiled down to one sentence.

"He's either going to be the next mayor or he's going to go to jail," the Democratic strategist told the IBTimes Tuesday.

The Flushing Democratic strategist believes that Liu will run as long as he does not end up behind bars before Election Day.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the perp walk.

Like father, like son.


Anonymous said...

if all the other democrat politicians like H.R.C.,B.Obama,John Kerrey and 100 others etc.etc. did not go to jail after giving back the tainted campaign money from convicted embezzler NORMAN HSU , how can LIU be convicted ?

Anonymous said...

And what of the one who has already illegally purchased 3 terms of that office and all the opportunities it affords for illicit enrichment? We still have gone nowhere on that one, apparently taking our screwing and biting the figurative pillow.

Anonymous said...

The city should investigate the ballot count
Hundreds of people were bused to polling sites
I always thought it suspicious how he was voted in as comptroller
Melinda Katz should have won the position

Anonymous said...

He is in violation of the CFB rules and regulations - THROW is ass out of the program and into jail. Talk about the public trust - John Liu is BAD news.

Anonymous said...

I'd like very much to know WHO that Flushing political "strategist" is?

Was it that unkempt lawyer old CB#7 member and wannabee Nick Miglino? couldn't be Evan Stavisky?

He lives in Rockland County now...illegally representing himself as a district

The Flushing Phantom said...

Liu is done...
no matter what...because he's been thrown under the bus to keep the current investigation from leading to some other crook who's much higher up than puppet Johnny boy!

Uh..."Mr. Flushing Political Expert"...he definitely won't become our next mayor...not with Christine Quinn entering the race
and certainly not with all of that heavy stinking political baggage he's lugging around.

But "Parkside"
will always come out the winner
because they get paid
no matter what.

They've got their hands in almost everything!

Anonymous said... the world turns....
some others besides Liu will be taking the fall!

Let the feds just follow the refund checks to see who cashes them.

It'll all be very interesting.

The forensic accounting investigation process will reveal everything in the end.


Let's face it folks...the FBI consulting with IRS...who have some of the best forensic accounting investigators around...will get all the crooked cockroaches!

Anonymous said...

This is a very big can of worms that's just been opened.

It will be extremely difficult to stop the investigation now or cover up any other snakes' wrongdoings!

Anonymous said...

Irreparable damage has already been done to this arrogant political
(What was it that Julia Harrison called Liu?) oh, yes..."pup"!

You can count on the Democratic machine to distance themselves from such a hot potato (or rice ball) like Liu.

So what will "Mr. Comptroller" run as...the Chinese Communist Party's independent candidate for mayor of New York City?

Rots 'o ruck Johnny...LOL!

Pau Lin Choo Choo said...

I'll gladly take one of your $800 refund checks Comptroller Liu.

Then I'll have some extra holiday money in my pocket to buy my cousins in Taiwan better presents this year.

Anonymous said...

You want "slick" Johnny?

We'll spot you for a jar of Vaseline.

You're gonna need it plenty
in cell block #69!

Anonymous said...

Damn, if Liu's face don't look like it's made of rubber!

Too bad daddy Liu didn't use a rubber.

Then we wouldn't have to be dealing with his crooked son!

Anonymous said...

Liu Chunyi is a very bad man.

Anonymous said...

I fully support immigration to this country and I’ve always supported the freedom that Taiwan has stood for (not always perfect freedom). I’ve always seen Johnny Liu as a traitor to the place of his birth as well as to the citizens of the United States.

I think he is deep up the ass of the dictators in Beijing. I think those who for him and those who speak up for him know this and like it.

Anonymous said...

"Johnny thinks he's slick"


But he's really sick!!!

Anonymous said...

There wouldn't be a United States if politics were like this were the rule everywhere.

William M. Tweed and later George Washington Plunkitt were not accountable to the immigrant voters they cynically manipulated. Liu is another in this line.

Anonymous said...

I always knew Liu was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I am amazed at how truly stupid and sloppy he has been in his "meteoric" rise. Even the latest scandal about raisng wages to curry union favor reeks of naked, bullheaded ambition...."Damn the consequences, I am gonna be mayor by hook or by, erm...crook!" Now, it's over. He will not be mayor. He may go out kicking and screaming but he will go out.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to see John Liu's Turkey was stuffed with yet another scandal.

According to NY1 he just got slapped with a lawsuit accusing him of hiking the wages of city employed security guards - all to gain the support of Unions for his STILL planned bid for Gracie Mansion!

Check it out here:

Or you can read about it in The Wall Street Journal (Nov 25 & 26):


"For the second time this year, New York City Comptroller John Liu is facing allegations that his office unfairly inflated wages for city contract workers as he aligns himself with organized labor for a possible mayoral run.

This time, a pair of security firms has filed suit against Mr. Liu in Manhattan State Supreme Court contending that his office set an unfairly high "prevailing wage" for building security guards, establishing a minimum hourly rate as high as $18.91, including benefits, up from $11.50 in 2007.

The pay scale carries significant weight: Companies must pay at least that much to their workers in order to secure contracts with the city.

"The comptroller's finding that the prevailing compensation earned by security guards increased on the order of 50% through the recession makes no sense—the comptroller's math doesn't work," said Claude M. Millman, an attorney representing plaintiffs Mega Protective Services and Alante Security Group.

Michael Loughran, a spokesman for Mr. Liu, said, "Our office is reviewing the paperwork and will provide a detailed response."

He noted that the current rate is similar to one set in July 2009 by former City Comptroller William Thompson, the 2009 Democratic mayoral nominee and a candidate for mayor in 2013.

The lawsuit comes as Mr. Liu explores a possible run for mayor in 2013. He has drawn some criticism for a series of reports on worker wages and pensions that some faulted as being too union-friendly. Like many other elected officials, Mr. Liu also has joined organized labor groups in opposing efforts by Wal-Mart to open a store in New York City.

The suit marks the third time Mr. Liu has faced a legal challenge to the wages set by his office. A group of moving companies filed a similar lawsuit over wages established for movers last year. They won the first round when a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled earlier this year that the prevailing wage for movers was based solely on a union contract, not on a comprehensive review of industrywide pay scales.

In that case, Judge Alice Schlesinger found that the wage schedule set by the comptroller was roughly double actual wages in the marketplace and "drastically" higher than the rate set by the federal government.

Anonymous said...

one wonders if Wayne Barrett is writing a sequel to '" CITY FOR SALE" ? THE CHINESE,SOCIALIST VERSION.......

Anonymous said...

Maybe Liu will wind up taking the Manes way out of his predicament.

Or he'll go into the federal witness protection program after he sings for the FBI opera company.

Could that be where Manes really is?

It was told to me that "The Donald's" name DOES NOT appear on the Social Security death index.

I'm going to look that up for myself.

Anonymous said...

Time to reopen Joseph "daddy" Liu's case and see if the Great Eastern Bank also acted as a money laundry for the Liu-Huang clan.

It's also time to re-examine Tommy Huang and all of his Liu relatives....
along with his political, newspaper, etc. associates.

His good Q. Trib Congressional friend needs to be called before a committee to assess his possible involvement.