Friday, November 18, 2011

We could be underwater soon

From Metro:

Within decades, New York subway tunnels could be flooded in under an hour during a major storm, according to a new report released yesterday.

Another storm like Tropical Storm Irene could cripple the subway system and flood JFK and LaGuardia airports, predicted researchers from Columbia University’s Earth Institute, Cornell University and the City University of New York in the report.

By 2020, the sea levels around Manhattan could rise by 10 inches. Researchers warned of a possible four-foot rise in sea levels by 2080, if the glaciers continue to melt at their current rate, the scientists said.

That would jeopardize the entire New York City subway system, they warned, putting it at risk of extreme flooding every 10 years. Right now the system is at risk of extreme flooding every 100 years.

New York City has long been reported as at risk for flooding, but yesterday’s report crystallized just how quickly low-lying areas of the city, such as nearly all of Lower Manhattan, could be underwater.


ew-3 said...

"By 2020, the sea levels around Manhattan could rise by 10 inches."

Absolute BS.

There is no reputable prediction anywhere near that number.

Truth be told sea levels actually have gone down in the past decade.

Somebody wants more funding.

Anonymous said... we go again....back from your funny farm vacation?

"Ear wax 3" appears to be a self proclaimed multi disciplined expert on all things.

What a blow hard!

If it weren't for Queens Crap he'd be preaching in a park on a soap box.


Anonymous said...

And maybe my dick will reach 10"
if I rub hard enough.

You don't need a rising waterfront to affect the subway system.

Just keep paving over every water absorbing surface with concrete and buildings.

Where's all that water going to wind up?

It'll seek the lowest level....
our underground transportation network.

And what a single terrorist can't accomplish....shutting down the subway...Mother Nature will do, thanks to all of the greedy over development!

Anonymous said...

Oh please the subway tunnels can't even handle a little sprinkle these days without grinding to a halt...

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Bloomturd, this city is already under water...financially.

Anonymous said...

If we unbury the Flushing river which was burried by Columbia's Robert Moses.. then these clowns would not be able to extort grants to keep their commy nutty ochranozer students away from real jobs.

Anonymous said...

And New Yorkers will STILL complain about service disruptions.

Anonymous said...

Once again everyone is missing the point.... and this is the activist website of Queens!

No one is saying anything about the stupidity of bringing another million people into a city that will clearly experience more flooding and violent weather as in the past few years from global warming.

When the knuckeleheads say 'build on brownfields along the waterfront' you all just go along and think you are doing something useful by working within the systme with them on their plans

when all you do is being cajoled from the exercise of the dialogue -

when finished, you watch helplessly as they go ahead and do what they want to do anyway.

Well, if you are getting screwed, its best to be polite about it and not make a scene, right?

Anonymous said...

Occupy Wall Street has a better chance of flooding the subway than a storm.