Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ozone Park hole fixed

From NY1:

A huge hole in Ozone Park, Queens has finally been filled. Last week, NY1 For You looked into how it sat uncovered for over a month after National Grid replaced a gas main line, causing concern in the neighborhood.

After residents called NY1 For You, NY1 contacted National Grid, and they filled the hole immediately.

The eyesore is gone, parking spaces are back, but most of all, residents say they're happy it's safe again.

Once again, if you want something fixed and calling 311 does nothing, call the media.


Anonymous said...

Like calling 311 to report illegal basement & attic apartments here in Flushing. Nothing is done ! The DOB leaves a LS4 on the door and the illegal apartment stays.

Anonymous said...

ah where is Queens Civic Congress.

Oh I see, a holiday fete for the politicians.

You see, since they are invited - and show up , the Civic is 'effective', get it?