Thursday, November 10, 2011

Robert LiMandri: He cares!

From the Daily News:

Two years after a fatal fire at an illegally converted apartment in Queens, Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri said Wednesday that efforts to cut down on the dangerous housing “will live on.”

LiMandri, who will visit Woodside on Thursday to mark the anniversary of the blaze, vowed to keep educating renters and crack down on landlords who illegally subdivide spaces.

“From my perspective, we can always do more,” LiMandri told the Daily News. “I feel pretty committed to it.”

Yeah, ok.


Anonymous said...

Instead of talking about this issue and handing out flyers, the Mayor and City Council need to change the laws. The Buildings Department needs to be able to enforce the laws.

Anonymous said...

The New York City Buildings department is incapable of enforcing the building codes. I realize this story is about the anniversary of a fatal fire in an illegally converted building but look at Super Halal Meat at 253-06 Hillside Avenue in queens. This store is illegal, in violation of zoning codes, doesn’t have the required permits and is a real serious fire hazard. The Buildings Defartment is aware of all the issues with this building and they still continue to ignore them. It's a shame someone needs to get killed or injured before the Mayor,City Council and Buildings Department acts on violators that continue to say fu to the city.
Why have laws if they aren't enforced?

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice LiMandri bears a remarkable resemblence to Jerry Lewis?

99% said...

I think you need to be aware that there are two sets of rules for communities: one is where the 1% live - they get nice subsidies from our taxes - landmarking enforment for example while we have no money for schools and hospitals, or, as in the case of Jimmy Van Bramer's LIC, get jumped the head of the line for services like libraries and scbools.

Then there is the rest of us in the 99% where our communities are resources sold by the pols in exchange for honest graft.

There is little or no enforcment by the Buildings Dept for most of us - something you will never see in the press.

Anonymous said...

Anon. No 4:

The differnce is that LiMandri is actually funny.

Anonymous said...

RU kidding?
DOB is still the department of bribes!

Anonymous said...

He looks more like Woody Allen.