Friday, November 11, 2011

One guilty, one not guilty

From the Daily News:

Queens City Councilman Ruben Wills reluctantly pleaded guilty Thursday to a 15-year-old Manhattan larceny case that was unearthed by the Daily News.

The Queens Democrat admitted to a single misdemeanor criminal mischief charge for the 1996 theft case that was supposed to have been resolved years ago.

Instead, the politician had repeatedly dodged court dates and wound up the target of an outstanding bench warrant for his arrest.

After the News revealed that warrant and another in an unrelated Long Island case, Wills agreed to plead out - but again repeatedly postponed judgment day.

That day arrived Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court when a judge asked Wills if he was indeed guilty.

“Yes,” he answered tersely.

Wills finally agreed to admit guilt to the criminal mischief charge, perform three days of community service and repay his victim $2,500.

From the Daily News:

State Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. beat a federal rap Thursday that accused him of raking in money for a no-show job in return for wielding influence in Albany for a crooked hospital honcho.

On its third day of deliberations, a Manhattan jury told the judge it was hopelessly deadlocked at 10-against-2. But Judge Jed Rakoff told them to get back to work or look forward to coming back on Monday.

Less than an hour later, the jury returned the “not guilty” verdict — delivering a hard blow to Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, whose office charged the Brooklyn lawmaker with selling out his office for about $175,000.


Anonymous said...

is not democrat dictatorship grand , especially when the jury pool is majority democrat new yorkers ?

dumbing down of a society, by a failed nyc education system.

Anonymous said...

Other Democrats have been found guilty in court cases, Gramps. Watch what's going to happen to Carl Kruger.

The DA has to make a good case. You decide on the evidence. Have you ever served on a jury?

Anonymous said...

i served on a federal case jury ,that convicted, in my youth. my first,of many,.

for all other future cases i was dismissed when the defense attorney, did not like my decision in that first case.

i finally wrote to the judicial system and explained that they were wasting tax money and my time, with this stupid action.

prediction: if he is convicted, a similar sentence to hevesi and plenty of gov. pension taxpayer money to come home to. it is a scam as long as the players make the rules to steal from the public.

so you see how a jury can be manipulated by the defense.

they eventually stopped asking a potential jurist if he ever served on a case that went to conviction.

Anonymous said...

Calling BS on that last one. You can't ask potential jurors in a voir dire "Did you vote guilty, or not guilty, the last time you were on a criminal jury"

Anonymous said...

the question asked ,in the past , did you sit as a jurist in another court case ? did the case go to conviction ?

i said that that is no longer done , but it was to me many times.