Friday, November 11, 2011

What's with the delay, John?

From the NY Times:

Mr. Liu, the city’s top fiscal watchdog and a probable candidate for mayor in 2013, has been under pressure to explain his fund-raising practices after an investigation by The New York Times raised questions about the source and legitimacy of his campaign donations, including whether some of the donors he reported even existed.

The Times also found that Mr. Liu had failed to comply with a city requirement that he disclose the names of so-called bundlers — well-connected individuals who collect contributions for a candidate from friends, relatives, business associates and others.

When questioned about this several weeks ago, Mr. Liu said his campaign would begin complying with the city disclosure requirements on bundlers, or intermediaries. But on Monday, his campaign’s lawyer, Martin Connor, indicated that it would be months before the campaign disclosed the names. He said the Liu campaign had compiled its list of bundlers but was recently advised by the New York City Campaign Finance Board to delay reporting the names until the next filing deadline, in January.

Mr. Connor also declined a request to release the list of bundlers to The Times, saying that such a list would not be “binding” or “official” until it was filed with the city. “You cannot have the names until they are filed with the campaign finance board,” he said. “That’s final.”

But a senior official with the finance board, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he did not want to appear to be engaging in a public spat, said the board had not told the campaign to wait until January to disclose its bundlers to the city.


Anonymous said...

DID LIU LIE ??????

Anonymous said...

Maybe he needs a tracking sysytem.

Anonymous said...

It must be all those Chinese New Years envelopes he receives - that's personal not campaign money, gee!

Charlie Chan said...

Look like #1 son place foot in mouth instead of shoe.

Anonymous said...

Liu-ie the liar!

A crook....just like his father....
and criminal Tommy Huang's relative too.

Daddy Joseph Liu....convicted on federal bank fraud charges (Great Eastern Bank job).

How the hell did Liu ever wind up holding NYC's money with that "sterling" pedigree?

Anonymous said...

And don't trust Robert Abrams to properly investigate Liu.

Abrams refused to pursue an investigation of Liu's cousin Tommy Huang.

They're all in cahoots.

There's too much Chinese money flowing into political campaigns.

So who can we expect to turn the tap off?


The pols the and judges have been bought and paid for.

Anonymous said...

Ackerman and the Staviskys took money from Liu's cousin Tommy Huang....among many others.

That Asiatic cash pipeline still flows unimpeded like bubbling green crude emerald gold!

It's a gusher folks!

And what better man can serve as the valve keeper than John Liu?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Mr. Comptroller Liu have a Connecticut address?

How come the investigative agencies are ignorant of what us common citizens already know?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Sheldon Leffler go to jail for doing essentially what Liu is doing? what's the difference?

Anonymous said...

all of that "benevolence" winds up in the right pockets!

And all of those shady "benevolence" societies the Orientals are always setting up.

Feng Shui shenanigans!

Ching Chow said...

Lookie like Liu catchee much trouble.

Anonymous said...

culinary talents match his financial.

He's quite adept at cooking the books.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Johnny's overdue
for a labial collogen injection.

And, what ho, look at those jowls
and thinning hair.

Our boy's sure gettin' old.

Anonymous said...

Lui-ie the liar...chopsticks on fire!

Anonymous said...

Is not John Liu ,a liberal /democrat /progressive, financed in past elections by the LEFT WING ,S.E.I.U (SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION) and (W.F.P) LEFT WING ,WORKING FAMILIES PARTY ?

he reportedly received $5000. from the convicted asian bundler, now in federal prison, in the past. did he give the money to charity? please investigate.

Anonymous said...

Oh, here we go again...that tired old LIBERAL DEMOCRAT...rant...yawn.

Play it again Sam.
I've got my earplugs in.

What's the difference?

I suppose you're the kind who
always supposes that the only criminals around are the Democrats...LOL!

Liu is a fucking CROOK....a card carrying member of the CHICANERY PARTY!

A CROOK by any other name is still a CROOK!

I got news for ya bub...the country is being screwed by both parties...Donkey & Elephant!

They're both having a 3-way with us taxpayers...THEIR WAY!

Anonymous said...

well let's read the news today. OH,look another liberal, democrat in the headlines :ex- ceo of Goldman-Sachs,former Gov. of N.J.,Jon Corzine.

Presently ceo of MF Global trading house.$600,000,000 of customer money missing,$ 6.4 Billion bet on risky European debt, 1066 employees sacked.

do not remain delusional about your dem. leaders.

Anonymous said...

read : Capital Punishment by EX-Con Jack Abramoff.

a insiders knowledge of how our elected and appointed government leaders get rich ,at our expense.

the" 60 minutes show" &" big" has really nailed these greedy politicians of both parties. they must be voted out soon.

they vote themselves a license to steal, while the rest of us are restricted .they have no insider trading law in government.

Anonymous said... reports that in the expose book "throw them all out", 70%are democrat and 30% are g.o.p. electeds using insider trading information to get rich in the stock market (wall street).

60 minutes profiled 1 dem. and 4 g.o.p, why ?

was not Gary Ackerman suspected of this questionable activity on Q.C.,recently? is he mentioned in the book?

did not Chuckie Schumer cause a run on a western bank in 2008,with privileged information out of the Senate in D.C.?