Friday, November 11, 2011

Big waste of money for tracking systems

From NY1:

Two new audits by the City Comptroller John Liu's office show the city has wasted millions of dollars on global positioning systems for fire and sanitation trucks.

Liu says the pricey systems are faulty, showing tracking information that sometimes indicated the trucks were in the water.

The units installed in some sanitation vehicles cost more than the vehicles themselves, according to Liu.

He also says the New York City Fire Department spent more than $7 million to outfit fire and EMS vehicles, which works out to more than $10,000 per unit.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if bloomturd or one of his friends owns or has stock in the gps company's.

ew-3 said...

OK, this is close to home.

I've been working as a GPS engineer for the last 6 years.

I had a customer who shall be nameless that came to us because their buses we showing up in the lake.

We fixed their problem within 2 weeks. Cost them about $5000 NRE from us. They have been buying from us ever since.

My guess is that in NYC purchasing is based on relationships.

But I will say in Manhattan GPS is marginal due to the tall buildings reflecting the GPS signals. However a WiFi based location system would be great.

Anonymous said...

Another tech $$$ ripoff of city tax payer money. :-(

Anonymous said...

wow, two audits in one week.

i detect a liu campaign to distract us from his donor scandal investigation.

Anonymous said...

No one can dispute Liu's expertise as a nerdy bean counter.

However, Johnny boy's mayoral bid may wind up in the water too if he refuses to reveal his bundlers!

I'll bet his money came from Taiwan....properly laundered of course.

The Chinese have great experience when it comes to running laundries....especially financial washrooms.

I wonder where Congressman Ackerman and his boys fit into that daisy chain of illegal overseas political campaign contributors?

Anonymous said...

I don't need to be able to track the arrival of my bus on an I-pad to know that it will take forever to reach me....already filled to the brim so I can't board it.


There's too much building....too many people crowding NYC....inadequate transportation to move them around....infrastructure that has not kept up with the mega development plans of Le Grande Megalomaniac Bloomberg!

One good aspect of the Great Recession we're all facing is that it will be slowed down.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Let's implant a GPS device in Mayor Mike to track his movements.

That way we can know when he's faking it and really running NYC from his Bermuda compound.

Can't you just see hizzoner with an umbrella drink in one hand and his smart phone in the other.

Anonymous said...

Yea, but when will Liu come clean on his fundraising activities?

georgetheatheist said...

Nothing beats a Hagstrom map.

Anonymous said...

You almost feel like becoming a Luddite when you hear about all the BS with this tech stuff, until you realize, it's not the tech, it's the people pushing it- again, FTM, and it all comes back to Bloomturd and his crony capitalist pals, to whom we will be remitting payments as a city ad infinitum if this nonsense isn't stopped.If one lousy hacker fills his shortness with so much fear that he has to disappear to Bermuda to check on the status of his illicit holdings, just think what say Wikileaks or Anonymous or a proper forensic audit of such by those legally empowered to conduct same might accomplish.

Anonymous said...

Just a few conveniently placed inefficiencies engineered into the system for fun and profit,no?

Anonymous said...

The Liu mentions are a sign of Bloomturd shills getting nervous that the gravy train just might be coming a bit off the rails.Keep up the good work, John, but don't be shy about sharing with Cy, Preet and Eric! Don't forget about Ugland House and Bermuda!

Anonymous said...

Like the PVB thing all over again with the high-tech.The question is who gets to be Lindenauer and Manes this time? Corruption in a mayoral third term. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of PVB and the ol' Donald Manes days:

Michael Nussbaum called "(Manes' bag man") is STILL at large.

He's working at "Multi Media" the advertising arm of Ackerman's "Queens (whore ad) Tribune".

There are a lot of other old Manes henchmen (and women) out there.