Sunday, November 27, 2011

That's quite a stretch

From CBS New York:

The evidence at the ongoing corruption trial of New York City Councilman Larry Seabrook includes a mundane $5.55 receipt from McDonald’s for a burger and a medium Sprite. A receipt from Dunkin’ Donuts shows a charge for an unremarkable $2.50.

But the one from a deli near City Hall for a Snapple and a bagel sandwich is harder to digest.

The total: $177.64.

Federal prosecutors say Seabrook submitted the receipt for reimbursement — and that it wasn’t an innocent misprint. Instead, they call it convincing proof of how he doctored expenses and used other tricks to line his pockets and line up jobs for his girlfriend, sister and others close to him.

The 60-year-old councilman “operated his own corrupt, City Council-funded friends and family plan,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in announcing the charges last year.

Seabrook has company: In the past two years, a steady parade of local and state lawmakers and their staffers has been accused in federal courthouses in Manhattan and Brooklyn of abusing their authority for personal gain.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bharara-When are you going to go for thr gusto as it were and get yourself the big fish?All it will take is a bit of sophisticated hacking/tracking and some forensic accounting. He's still in place screwing up the city and encouraging murmurs from his sycophants about presidential aspirations. You've got a bit less than 2 years of in-office time to work with/ Are you aware of what this would do for your career? He's just a billionaire!

Anonymous said...

Larry is being railroaded. Let him go!

Anonymous said...

Seabrook's big mistake is the lack of sophistication of his fraud. He's done it at a level that even a Queens jury could understand.

Anonymous said...

RE;SEABROOK HAS COMPANY....Which political party are the corrupters from ?

Anonymous said...

You always nitpick on the poor folk.