Monday, November 28, 2011

Liu accused of making more crap up

From NY1:

City Comptroller John Liu is facing allegations he inflated salaries for security guards employed by city contractors, all for political gain.

Two private security firms are suing Liu, saying he unfairly hiked the minimum hourly rate as high as almost $19, including benefits.

That is up from a minimum rate of $11.50 in 2007.

Critics say Liu made the change to curry favor with organized labor as he prepares for a much rumored run for mayor in 2013.

A spokesman for the comptroller says his office received the complaint and will review it.

This is not the first time Liu has been accused of unfairly hiking the prevailing wage, as a similar suit was filed last year involving moving companies.

Meanwhile, the comptroller continues to be on the hot seat in regards to his fundraising, after a prominent supporter was arrested and charged with wire fraud for allegedly funneling money to the campaign using illegal straw donors.


Anonymous said...


You're a creep. Get Lost.


Anonymous said...

The security guards employed by city contractors are not Civil Service and are being hired by city agencies without the background checks civil service applicants go through. Without N.Y.S. civil service rules the City and State would be one big hiring pool for the well connected. The city wants these low paid "Security" jobs instead of the well trained Peace Officers who take a written test and go through a background check.
Nepotism would be uncontrolled !

Anonymous said...

He's a liar and a cheat. He can't help himself, it's in his DNA.

Resign already.

Anonymous said...

One of the things that -always- happens when someone in power gets into trouble is that others who may have an axe to grind pile-on.

Parse out these two sentences:

"Two private security firms are suing Liu, saying he unfairly hiked the minimum hourly rate as high as almost $19.."


"That is up from a minimum rate of $11.50 in 2007"

Note that the first says the highest rate, while the second states the "minimum".

Clever word tricks.

How are we to know the -true- median rate and whether Liu's 'demand' -if it ever occurred, is actually higher than what was the norm.

Always remember: powerful people make a lot of enemies.

Let's wait for a real investigation before grabbing the rope and looking for a strong tree.

Queens Crapper said...

I don't see any confusion with the sentences. No clever word tricks. "As high as almost $19" means something like $18.98.

Anonymous said...

Flush Liu down the loo already! What a waste.

Anonymous said...

That's not my point Q-C.

How do we know what the average and maximum rates are for these sorts of contracts.

We don't, the article gives no real information.

These companies got pissed-off because they couldn't, or wouldn't meet certain wage criteria.

They are suing. Nothing unusual here -especially in a municipal setting where the City self-insures and corp. council often recommends settling these sorts of cases. The tricky part is in how the article tries to lead the presumption that these 'demands' were out of line while not offering any facts.

This guy Liu may infact be a slippery eel and crooked as any of the gop guys.

But lawsuits like this from losing bidders/vendors are not uncommon.

-Let's have the real investigation..Not this media pile-on.

Queens Crapper said...

They are suing over the minimum rate. It doesn't matter what the "average" or "maximum" rate is. What exactly don't you understand? You are going to hire most of your workers at the minimum rate or you aren't getting the project done within the budget.

Anonymous said...

RE:#7...." liu may be a slippery eel & crooked as the G.O.P.guys".

will you list the names of your G.O.P. crooked guys in the n.y.c. government at present?

are you a comrade of Saul Alinsky ? did you get on your knees to the "RULES FOR RADICALS" ?

the Baruch College "OCCUPIERS" are of the same DNA as the "occupiers" of c.u.n.y. facilities in the 1960's &70's. they are socialist tools of the comrades and the Alinsky gang.

they occupied the 14 story Hunter College building elevators and lunch room, when we had to walk from the 12th floor, in 1970.the n.y.p.d. circled the building ,but were not permitted to enter it. the "occupiers (left wing professors & their pupils) issued a list of demands to the the time ,i believe their was no tuition then.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crapper said...
"They are suing over the minimum rate."

No. They are suing because they were given a spec they took exception to and thus lost the contract.

The points here are:

1) What is the normal salary/benefits package for these workers.

2)Did Liu's dept specify something outside this range, and did he exceed his authority in doing so.

-That is what will decide the verdict in this if it ever gets to trial (probably won't).

It is not unheard of for a preferential item to be inserted into a contract spec in order to give a certain contractor from whom certain 'favors' may have been received.

That is where an official like Liu faces scrutiny.

The article says: "Critics say Liu made the change to curry favor with organized labor".

They mean: the losing bidders who filed the lawsuit.

Again, these sorts of suits are not unusual.

Queens Crapper said...

It's also not unusual for an elected official from Queens to go down in flames.

Anonymous said...

Pandering to the unions or poor judgement or both. The bottoom line is - How much money is this lawsuit going to cost the taxpayers?

Liu should step down.

Anonymous said...

Liu got his cupids bow lips sucking up to the unions.

If Jimmy Hoffa were alive they'd be 69ing each other!

Anonymous said...

Confucios say:

Wise man step into down elevator before he get kicked down staircase.

Resign now or get shaft.

Anonymous said...

"The party's's time to call it a day...all the schemes of your team....and their dominance dreams are just melting away...."!

Anonymous said...

Wait until they tie Liu's bundlers to the Clintons and Obama.

Anonymous said...

Knock, knock, knock!

Herr Ackerman, Herr Nussbaum, you're wanted for questioning!

Please accompany us to the car.

Anonymous said...

Put Liu and his comrades to the Chinese water torture.

The Flushing Phantom said...

"Sing a song to Sing Sing...
a pocket full of lies"!

Anonymous said...

There's damn good reason why Liu is hanging on so desperately.

He can't afford to give up his partners in crime.

The vow of silence must never be broken.

Those powerful tongs and secret societies he most likely owes allegiance to, won't tolerate a stool pigeon.

He'll have to take the fall, solo, for Mr. Big!

Anonymous said...


Liu is just a minnow in the pool of rampant Asiatic influence buying in the USA.


Anonymous said...

How many times does Liu have to be caught telling fibs?

Johnny boy is a pathological liar!

Come to think of it, so is his cousin Tommy Huang!

They were both apparently raised in an atmosphere of fakers, amidst lying corrupt Chinese society.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Nussbaum and Liu buddy-buddy?

So does that make Congressman Ackerman their godfathers?

Maybe Schenkler is just their whore