Friday, November 18, 2011

DOT to better mark dangerous crossing

Traffic Controls @ 147St & 3rd Ave
The attached is a letter our organization received with regards to a dangerous street we highlighted on your blog. After being on your blog, WPIX contacted us and a subsequent piece appeared on their news segment. Without your blog, this would not have been possible and for this we thank you.

We are appreciative of their response and believe it is a good start in addressing the potentially dangerous situation on this street in front of Francis Lewis Park.

Thank You for your help with all issues Queens.

Alfredo Centola
Malba Gardens Civic Association

"One need not be in a position of power, nor hold a title, to affect positive change." A.C.


Anonymous said...

WOW, they are going to mark dangerous crossings.

How about they make them lest dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Great job Al and the Malba Gardens group. Its about time someone is getting something done in front of that park..

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:

"How about they make them lest dangerous"

You want them to make sense? Cut that out immediately, we will NOT tolerate common sense answers!!

Queens Crapper said...

Marking them does make them less dangerous. Duh.

Alfredo C said...

As I stated in my response to DOT, it was a good start. We are hopeful that more will be done to make it safe for all.

Anonymous said...

They should try those Yield to Pedestrian standing signs they place in the middle of the crosswalk (on the double yellow) in smaller towns. Of course they would probably just be run over and destroyed by menacing unlicensed cyclists.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Al, keep pressing the issues. At least you are getting results.

When are all you other Whitestone "civic" going to wake up and stop trying to destroy each other we all live in the same neighborhood


Anonymous said...

Wow, wasn't Halloran quoted as saying he would work with DOT and the Civics on this issue? That the best a civic group can do with Halloran "Helping"???

Way to go Malba Gardens Civic, "One small step for safety". Keep fighting for your neighborhood and the kids.

3rd avenue resident said...

I have lived on 3rd avenue for over 20 years and have seen other civics try and get results. Nice to see Al and the Malba Gardens group have been able to get this small concession.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

How about the basics.Repaint all the worn pavement markings and repair streetlights....especially on the higways/parkways!!!!!!!!!