Thursday, November 24, 2011

Douglaston cottage restored

From the Queens Gazette:

The Community Church of Douglaston and the Douglaston Little Neck Historic society recently celebrated the renovation and restoration of one of the oldest cottages in Douglaston, the church parsonage.

Part of the church’s two-acre campus at 39-50 Douglaston Pkwy, the parsonage is hidden from view from the street by shrubs and is situated at the end of a long gravel drive.

The house had fallen into disrepair in recent times and the church has reclaimed this charming building for the new pastor, the Reverend Linden DeBie and his family.

The oldest part of the cottage is a typical one and a half story vernacular style Long Island farmhouse dating to the 1850s. If one looks closely the ancient shape is still visible under some of the 20th century additions including a front porch and second story dormer. The house originally featured two rooms, a living room and dining room on the first floor with a fireplace and two bedrooms on the second floor. It is also likely that it once had a one-story kitchen wing.

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