Monday, November 14, 2011

Batman closes Queensboro


Joe said...

The Throgs neck was also closed 1AM till ? in both directions for movie shit as well.
You could see the lights, diffusers and trailers on the bridge.
No signs, no warnings NOTHING.
It was pure hell, we drove on the grass and got out of it and took Tremont ave to the Whitestone.
--Another hell
Only 1 left cash lane was open and backed up a 1/2 mile

Why must the jackass mayor give out permits to do this on a Saturday night ?

Anonymous said...

Unless the filmmakers can provide jobs to local residents, they and their crews don't belong on our streets.

Anonymous said...

don't-cha mean the "Koch Bridge"?

One f-----g radio newscaster noted this past weekend that the "Batman" filming had closed the upper deck of the (groan) "59th Street Bridge".

Ignorant "A" hole!

Would he have called the "Brooklyn Bridge" by any other name?

Face it folks....Queens has been disenfranchised!

One consolation
RE the Queensboro Bridge:

At least the "Koch" renaming has already been forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Glad I use public transportation.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Gridlock lookin' good!

So, "Gotham City"
becomes "Gotcha City".

Now imagine if an emergency situation had occurred which required an immediate

Not even Batman himself could respond quick enough in his "Batmobile"!

Light up the "Bat Signal" beacon Commissioner Gordon---NYC is being strangled!

FlushingRepresenter said...

"Unless the filmmakers can provide jobs to local residents, they and their crews don't belong on our streets. "

WORD UP! Truer words were never spoken.

Bane said...

Gotham, take control... take control of your city. Behold, the instrument of your liberation! Identify yourself to the world!

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Spiderman never pulled this bullshit. That's why he's Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman. Frame house in Queens, trained web slinging techniques on the rooftops of Sunnyside, took down Goblin on Roosevelt Island. DC SUCKS, Marvel RULES.

The Joker said...

Bloomturd, You and your kind, all you care about is money. This city deserves a better class of criminal. And I'm gonna give it to them!

Anonymous said...

Holy Gridlock, Batman!!!

Al Chapman said...

The first couple of words said by the reporter tells you the whole story, "Film production is known to be a huge money generator for the city."

Cash is King.

You think any city official cares about the traffic?

God only knows how much money Warner Bros. gave the city to film.

I'm surprised the bridge will be closed only 3 days. They usually take a week to film an action sequence.

Anonymous said...

Your headline is misleading. I thought they closed the entire bridge. Of course there are alternate crossings available to take, but people would rather bitch about the time wasted in traffic than pay a toll.

Joe said...

"Film production is known to be a huge money generator for the city."
Bullshit !
For starters they only use catering company's on the mayors list. The working crews are all IA people. The local "regular people and business get NOTHING but headaches"
With exception of local cops making taxpayer paid for overtime movie people NEVER provide jobs to local residents --only IA "brothers and sisters"
Like Los Angeles The 30 mile zone of NYC is a closed IA shop

Most the big name movie productions use their own cooks and kitchen and crew buses complete with state rooms and sleeping quarters.
They lease them from Hemphill Brothers for a dime a dozen this time a year till May when most the national POP bands don't tour.

You can get a 45 foot Eagle for as low as $4K a week. (driver not included)

Anonymous said...

don't-cha mean the "Koch Bridge"?

Probably should have said that Batman climbed aboard Ed Koch - hmm, sounds just like that time at Plato's Retreat, eh?

Michael Perlman said...

I am a citizen who happened to be stuck in this gridlock mess. Regardless of the fact, I lend my voice on behalf of those New Yorkers and tourists who feel somewhat more than a major inconvenience by the production team, but most of all, by our elected officials for allowing countless commuters to experience hours-worth of delays in 2011. Given our political climate, sure it's disappointing, but not surprising.

The Queensboro Bridge (what it always will be called - the people didn't agree to the name alteration) links 2 of the greatest populated boroughs, and to shutter the upper level for a movie shoot on a hopping weekend is inexcusable.

With the digital experts of today, Batman could have been superimposed on the Queensboro Bridge. No closure of roads or bridges for commercial purposes is free, so what's in it for the citizens who were betrayed?

Speaking at large, what's in it for those who dedicate countless hours of civic duty, which some electeds should be responsible for?

We elected YOU to office. Not the other way around.

Jerry Rotondi said...

when Bloomberg is finally unmasked we'll discover that he's really
"The Joker"---or maybe far worse---"The Penguin"!

Anonymous said...

Bloomturd would be Chandell, played by Liberace in the 60s show, if he was a batman arch villain.

Anonymous said...

But if film is such a big moneymaker for ny city/state, why does The tv/film Industry require an influx of cash from us -- the taxpayers -- you and me -- to the tune of $420 Million per year?

Just yesterday (Mon 11/14), AP wrote that NYS projects a $350 Million general fund deficit for this year, and $3B - $3.5 Billion deficit for next year ...

production tax credits
sales tax exemptions