Friday, November 18, 2011

Abrams quits; Liu announces mayoral run

From WNYC:

Did John Liu announce his candidacy for Mayor last night?

That’s what some people are wondering after an event in Greenpoint last night. The Chinese-language newspaper World Journal reported that at a fundraising event, the Comptroller reportedly told the crowd of about 80 people, “I’ve never felt this strong a will to run, I will run for New York City’s top job!”

He went on to talk about the changes he would bring to City Hall and to discuss the growing inequality in the city. The announcement came at roughly the same time the man accused of making illegal contributions to his campaign was released from jail on a $100,000 bond.

From the Daily News:

The well-respected lawyer hired by city Controller John Liu to conduct an independent review of campaign finances quit Thursday after being ordered to put the probe on ice.

Former state attorney general Robert Abrams resigned one day after a Liu fund-raiser was charged with steering illegal contributions to his 2013 mayoral election coffers.

Liu decided having Abrams poke around while the feds investigate irregularities would be “difficult and expensive,” the resignation letter said.

“Your request that I suspend my work on this matter is untenable, as it compromises my independence and my ability to do a thorough and effective job,” Abrams wrote.

A lawyer for Liu’s campaign committee, Martin Connor, said a two-track probe was not “wise” and the campaign is fully cooperating with the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office.


Anonymous said...

one wonders who the other local politician is that Pan was bundling campaign money for ? the name was not revealed in the F.B.I.charge.

from reading the original charge, this investigation began in March 2011. the NY Times wrote the first expose story in October ,while the F.B.I.was still stinging Pan/Liu .

did someone tip off the NY times ,so as to cut off the F.B.I.'s chance in catching other tax dollar thieves ?

and preventing conviction of THE CANDIDATE ?

the punishment could be 20 years imprisonment ,plus.

Anonymous said...


Get lost.


Anonymous said...

“I’ve never felt this strong a will to run....."

I remember seeing a photo in the World Journal of Johnny boy's father running down the street, fleeing the reporters that were after him regarding the Great Eastern Bank job.

It's over, he must confess and resign.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Liu's been paying what....$900 an hour to Abrams for Bob's services?

So he's got no choice but to continue running for mayor.

I suppose he's hoping to dupe some dumb Chinese out there that he's still got a chance so they'll shell out some money for him.

Is this Liu's last gasp gesture of empty bravado?
Not exactly. Johnny's smart like a fox.

Any additional money Liu gets from them to run his "campaign", he gets to keep.

Isn't that the law folks?

Maybe Liu intends to use that money to pay off some of his expensive legal fees.

But this desperate move amounts to a comic fruitless "Chinese fire drill".

You're cooked, Johnny boy....just like the double set of books you're keeping.

It's back to obscurity for you....or a cozy little room in a federal prison!

I, for one, am uncorking a bottle of Perrier Jouet when the FBI eventually ties Comptroller Liu to the activities of his criminal relative Tommy Huang.

Anonymous said...

Look at Liu, with
that dark severe Chi-com tightly buttoned suit he's wearing and the middle age spread that's catching up to him.

The only thing missing from our Comptroller Commissar is the party's red star lapel pin!

As soon as his pate loses its hair up the middle...he'll begin to resemble old Chairman Mao.

Bye, bye Johnny!

Anonymous said...

Who else
might Pan have been bundling for, indeed?

Perhaps, Toby Stavisky for one and
maybe, Brian Mc Laughlin for another? The list goes on.

And Pan isn't or wasn't the only Chinese bundler.

Ask Ackerman!
Where does his cash come from....
A Taiwanese laundry?

Bundling first began back in the days of Tommy Huang....some 30 years ago.

And didn't the "little duke" of Wellington Chen once proclaim to a certain pol's chief of staff, that Flushing, "....Was ripe for the taking...."?

Chen, that little man behind the bamboo curtain, should be the main focus of this federal probe.

All the rotten fruit will drop off the branches when he's persuaded to sing and give up other perps in the game.

RU following this, you FBI boys?

Anonymous said...

Surrender Dorothy! Opps, I meant Johnny. Or did I?

Anonymous said...

Surrender Claire Shulman....too!

She's had her kisser under the Chinese money faucet....lapping up all that Yuan!

Anonymous said...

Flushing was bought by Chinese money along with most of its politicians CB#7 members and judges long ago.

Now the Chi-comm agenda is to run NYC its way!

Well, that's got a big snag in it thanks to Liu's greed....which lead him to get caught with his pants down.

A suggestion:
Put Myra Baird Herce on the rack and she might tell some tale!

Wasn't this ol' broad tight with Donald Manes when and where all of this Chinese bribery first began?

Anonymous said...

Lui's occupying the seat of comptroller illegally if it was overseas Chinese Commie money that put him there.

He should be recalled!

He should be jailed!

Anonymous said...

Joseph "daddy" Liu....convicted felon.

John "sonny boy" Liu....crooked pol!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

What will JL's son "lil' Joey" turn out to be?

Lying and chicanery seems to be in their genes.

Speaking of genes....
hello, Gene Kelty!

What's your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Wonder what John Choe thinks about all this?

Anonymous said...

John Liu would betray his own community for political gain.

As Councilman, he voted in favor of the Sonny Carson street renaming. Carson was a black extremist who promoted a boycott of Asian grocery stores.

Liu still owes the city money for unpaid campaign poster violations.

Anonymous said...

This is the best Oriental soap opera I've ever tuned in to.

Following "Desperate Liu" sure beats watching "Desperate Wives".

I think I'll order in some chow mein and egg rolls.

Maybe John will soon be forced to become a delivery boy if he avoids getting jailed.

Aren't his houses already mortgaged to pay off daddy Joseph's legal fees for the Great Eastern Bank job defense?

Maybe Chuck Apelian, who lives across the street from Liu can fill us in on some more details.

Was "follow the buck" Chuck bought by Liu too?

Anonymous said...

One bundler from column "A" and another from column "B".

Free soup and fried rice with special order. take out permitted in a correctional institution.

Anonymous said...

John insists on the color red
for his prison jump suit.

It's a "lucky" color.

Not to worry...the feds will rearrange your toilet/commode, sink and bed to comply with good feng shui principles.

No stir fry allowed in your cell....
and chopsticks are forbidden.

They're too easily fashioned into deadly shivs or shanks.

Bubba said...

I can't wait to jump Johnny's bones!

former staffer said...

Does this all mean a cut in cash flow to Toby Stavisky's North Flushing Senior Center?

Anonymous said...

I read the complaint, Pan states that he has done this in Liu's previous campaigns and for another campaign..... I wonder who is going to be next?

Anonymous said...

From CITY HALL 10/14/2011

Jia Hou – Nobody’s heard of Comptroller John Liu’s campaign treasurer yet, but it’s only a matter of time. If the Campaign Finance Board or prosecutors go after Liu’s fishy donations, expect the comptroller himself to say he’s a busy guy who wasn’t involved in the details. The campaign treasurer can try that too, but it’s her name on the financial forms – and someone has to take the rap.

She was voted the BIGGEST loser of that week. Maybe for the year?

Anonymous said...

Why did Liu stop Abrams from continuing? Probably because it would look even worse when his own hire finds the same facts that the feds will. At least with the feds he can claim he's been framed and unfairly maligned. His own hire finding the same thing would just nail his coffin tighter.

Cherokeesista said...

Johny boy has got a really big set of balls ;) Face it LUI your going down along with the rest of the FLUSHING DIRTBAGS THAT HAVE BEEN RAPING THIS TOWN LONG ENOUGH ;-) I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THERE'S A WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST JOHNY BOY ;-) Get those lips ready and open wide their gonna love you in the Pen !!!! And I'm having a party on Bowne street !!!!! Watch out Feds he's gonna play THE RACE CARD BIG TIME !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Liu Chunyi is very bad.

Anonymous said...

It's been THREE years and John Liu has still NOT complied with the city's law to reveal the names of his campaign bundlers (Liu has failed to disclose the names from his 2009 run for Comptroller AND those who have contributed and bundled for his 2013 campain war chest)!

How is that New York City's top fiscal "watchdog" (the Comptroller oversees billions in pension funds and billions still in city budget funds and is charged with the duty to protect that vast fortune from fraud!)has not yet been forced to comply with the city's laws governing campaign fund raising?

And WHO are these bundlers Liu is so afraid to name?

Are all of Liu's campaign bundlers convicted criminals? Are they shady characters from out of state or out of the country? Is Bowne House President Rosemary Vietor a Liu campaign bundler? Is Bowne House Board Member Wellington Chen a Liu campaign bundler? Is Liu afraid to reveal the names of his campaign bundlers because they have ties to terrorists or drug dealers or...the underworld in this country or another? What's with all the cloak and dagger?

WHY does John Liu continue to be so secretive with the names of his campaign contributors and campaign bundlers?

And WHY has John Liu - the city's top money cop - been allowed to violate NYC's campaign finance laws for soooo long?

WHY has the city let him get away with this? WHY has the Press let him get away with this?

And WHY has the Press been SO easy on him for SO long? NOBODY asks Liu the hard questions. The Press babies Liu. The Press coddles Liu. He's not a little boy! He's a calculating, dissembling, cynical man (literally willing to sell-out his own mother for a political TV AD!) that the public entrusted with its money because the Campaign Finance Board and the Press failed to tell the public what Liu was up to even though all the signs were there all along.

The Campaign Finance Board knew Liu had failed to comply with the city's campaign finance disclosure laws and the Board failed to let the public know.

The Press ignored one tip after another. The Press turned a deaf ear when it was proven that Liu LIED about the city pulling the funding from Bowne House: Did it really NOT occur to anybody in the Press that if the man was willing to lie about public funding of the city's second oldest and historically most important house AND lie about whether his own mother really ever worked in a sweat shop that he would LIE about ANYTHING?

Doesn't anybody do hard news anymore?

Marcia Kramer threw Liu nothing but soft balls in her recent interview with him on WCBS-TV 2. Local WNBC-TV News 4 has barely touched the story. Even NY1 has let Liu slide.

Doesn't ANYBODY do hard news anymore?

Is it that reporters are actually afraid that they won't appear politically correct if they hold Liu to the same standards they applied when investigating Spitzer, Weiner, Hevesi, etc.?

Why does the Press continue to treat Liu with kid gloves?

Note to NYC Reporters: Stop treating Liu like a baby. Camp out on Liu's door step if you have to! Stick a microphone in Liu's face and do NOT leave until the New York City Comptroller has finally answered WHY - for three years - he has refused, and continues to fail, to disclose the names of his campaign bundlers and campaign donors!


Anonymous said...

Looks like The NY Times is publicly Flushing the Loo:

From today's NY Times Editorial Page:

John Liu’s Credibility

"With the arrest of one of his fund-raisers and the federal investigation into his campaign finances, John Liu, the New York city comptroller, needs to shut down his fund-raising operation immediately. His explanation — that he did not know about illegal donor practices — is not good enough. If he cannot manage his own campaign, why should the public trust him to oversee the city’s $66 billion budget and its $120 billion pension fund?"

Anonymous said...

Koo beats Liu easily.

Anonymous said...

CM KOO (G.O.P) endorsed DEM. Weprin over G.O.P. Turner in the special election to replace DEM. WEINER ,for U.S.Congress.

one must acknowledge the patriotism of the F.B.I. UNDERCOVER AGENT,who was successful in arresting Pan and possibly getting COMRADE LIU out of government.

he is a mandarin speaking, American of Chinese ethnicity. Well done ,son. i salute you.

did left leaner traitors cut the probe off by tipping off the NY Times ?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 27 -

Another way of looking at it is to say that they helped to expose John Liu for what he is by tipping off the Times. That article doesn't exactly cover Liu with glory, you know.

Anonymous said...

Wellington Chen; Fred Fu; Jimmy Meng; Eddie Chan; etc.

Who is Eddie Chan?
Maybe looking deeper will tell us.

One thing for sure....
there are too many "secret societies" operating within NYC's various Chinatowns....and what are their purposes?

Are any of the above mentioned some of the other Orientals that need a little INVESTIGATING ?


The buck doesn't stop at John Lui's office.

John Liu is definitely guilty.
Time and the courts will prove that!

BUT....he's being thrown under the bus to protect a far bigger crook than he is.

Who can that "higher-up" be?

Just follow the money trail.

It always leads to the source of ALL corruption....the mysterious "Mr. Big"!

Can he be Gary Ackerman OR those venerable "revered" Clintons (Billary)?

Who really knows?

Didn't William Jefferson Clinton get money through one of Liu's other bundlers.....a Mr. Shu, Shoo, Shieu...however you spell it?

Wasn't there a book written on the subject ("The Year of The Rat"?) all about Bill Clinton getting overseas Chinese money donated to his presidential campaign?

All that Monica Lewinsky stuff was just a big BS smoke screen to divert public attention from Clinton's real crookery.

It was a cover-up of Bill's real playing around with democracy.

Sex always trumps any other scandals brewing.

Then there's all of Hillary's "Rose Law Firm" crap....still fully unanswered.

Both of the Clinton twin air bags have put the USA into one of the biggest holes it's seen in ages!

Could THEY have started the process that sold us out to China after Richard Nixon first opened up the door?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 29:

You might be right. But who was dumb enough to make a big fuss over the Monica business? Wasn't that what the impeachment trial was based on?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Year of the Rat:

Read the reviews:

Anonymous said...

read the links...the national democrat bundler for H.R.C.,John Kerrey,Sen.B.Obama John Liu etc,etc, was NORMAN HSU, who is serving 24 years in a western fed. prison for embezzling millions of dollars from a former WOODSTOCK rock show promoter.

W.J.Clinton was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives for perjury. (" I NEVER HAD SEX WITH THAT WOMAN LEWINSKY"

it all started when he ordered Paula Jones ,a ARK.GOV. secretary,to "KISS IT".after much litigation he had to pay her $800,000.00

the U.S. Senate would not impeach him.

he was disbarred in Arkansas.

read the STARR REPORT TRANSCRIPTS, if they still exist and have not been redacted.

Anonymous said...

one wonders how Monica Lewinsky can afford to go to the London School of Finance, and live in the same NYC Central Park South luxury building as Tony Bennet.

Oval office ,DC. internship sure seems to payoff ?

they both are LIMOUSINE LIBERALS .

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 33:

Irrelevant as usual.

Anonymous said...

Was it Norman Hsu who once proclaimed at a Sheraton La Guardia East Hotel Chinese event in Flushing that....
"Money is the mother's milk of politics"?

He must have milked an awful lot of cash cows during his career!

Just check out your local Democratic club to see if your pol is wearing a milk mustache.

Hey, "Got milk"?

It's probably "Melamine" laced if it came from China!

Anonymous said...

Let's knock on Chuck Apelian's door and see what he thinks of his neighbor (who lives directly across the street from him) Comptroller Liu now.

Anonymous said...

Liu is an embarrassment, not only to the Asiatic community, but to all New Yorkers who voted for him - despite the warnings about his dishonesty and chronic lying.


Anonymous said...

only the local Queens Chronicle weekly printed this story?

the others can no longer believe that the democrat/liberal /progressive dictatorship is rotten to the core.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Liu was at Flushing Taiwan Center where they "prayed" for their favorite Oriental son.

he must have gotten them some funding to offer up prayers for him!

Better yet,
they should have held a fundraiser to help cover Mr. Comptroller's mounting legal bills.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 39:

Don't forget the articles in the New York Times and the New York Post.