Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jackson Heights schoolyards become parks

From the Daily News:

A congested community in western Queens that fought long and hard for more parks is about to get a little more open space.

The city is transforming two Jackson Heights schoolyards into student-designed playgrounds that will be open to the public after school and on weekends.

Community leaders were also optimistic that the city will soon hammer out a deal to buy land from a nearby private school to expand Travers Park.

“These are good things for the neighborhood,” said City Councilman Daniel Dromm (D-Jackson Heights). “Our community needs as much green space as possible.”

Construction on the schoolyard at Intermediate School 145 began last month. When it is finished by summer, it will include basketball courts, play equipment and a game table area.

The playground at Public School 69 is to be completed by the spring, according to the city Parks Department.

The renovated play areas are part of the city’s Schoolyards to Playgrounds program, which has so far opened up almost 200 of the 290 designated spaces citywide.

Interesting how Dromm didn't push one park project at the expense of another like another council member has...


Anonymous said...

if they do not get advise from a teen sports advocate, the site will have sewer drains under the hoops and on the track lanes, no full court basketball space,too many sibling trees and benches and no softball space.

the "GREENIES" are at it again.the students are designing the space ? give me a break ?

it appears that the planyc (bankrupt) ,$1 to $3 million per playground program has changed it's name ( just like ACORN).

the local deviates will just love the trees and many benches.

Anonymous said...

In CB1, the Community Board from hell, the Library Board of Developers and kid's organizations are given free reign to hand over 'underutilized' school playing space to developers.

This gives the little tykes an important lesson on land use and who is important in life.

Anonymous said...

the "GREENIES" are at it again.the students are designing the space ? give me a break ?

Why don't YOU take a break -instead of always looking for 'commies' or 'greenies'.

The plan is to provide open, accessible space for the community -not to force team sports down everybody's throat.

The main question I have about this program is that since these spaces are on (mostly) public school property they will unfortunately fall under the jurisdiction of the school custodian's union.

This ancient and woefully corrupt system, which only DoE is still stuck with, could wind up killing the whole concept with huge overtime costs to this bunch of crooks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1: Is there a coherent (and grammatically correct) point in there somewhere? Or is it all ideological vomit?

Anonymous said...

"Community leaders were also optimistic that the city will soon hammer out a deal to buy land from a nearby private school to expand Travers Park"

So far the City has FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to buy this small lot. Yet, the Councilman in Whitestone has said there is no money to buy 6 acres in Whitestone that used to be for the community? Something is not Kosher here.

Anonymous said...

the city council progressives ,who are the majority,have control of your taxes and they are going to waste it.

btw: they are the local dem. politicians who badgered doomsberg to enable the O.W.S. socialist tools to s--t.p--s,hump , steal, drug,and bongo all night on theBrookfield Property park downtown

see: big and read the politicians names, who vote for them are the enemy.

some think that the obama administration called the O.W.S.fiasco off in the cities, because the conservative media /internet reported the truth ,while the M.S.M slept.

remember who the supreme community organizer was prior to 2008 ? he came from Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 6:

Oh, the horror, the horror.

You do remember that "Community Organizer" stuff was something that no one cared about when Sarah "half-term" Palin ran with it in 2008. Nothing's changed since.

Anonymous said...

"some think that the obama administration called the O.W.S.fiasco off in the cities,"

--You mean nutcase conspiracy addicts?

Fact is, those kids down there, no matter how goofy and disorganized have scared the shit out the few who control thing..For now.

How? simply getting people talking about just why, why should a very few manipulate the many and keep us in a trench struggling for survival.

THAT is not the America we were brought up to believe-in. It is a perversion of opportunists and scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

RE: "why should the very few manipulate the many " ?

do you mean like the ten D.C. employees of Freddie Mac and Frannie Mae who want $1.3 million each in bonuses, when one million U.S. homes are still in foreclosure. about $6 billion more bailout has been requested by them. have we gone nuts. they get $900,000. each in yearly pay .

the U.S.debt ,under obama ,today, reached over $15 TRILLION,14 million unemployed and 46 million on food stamps.

why isn't obama degrading them like he did the A.I.G/Wall Street Bankers.

are not the socialist tools protesting in the wrong place ?

why isn't obama's army of union and acorn type goons parading at these D.C. employee's private homes ?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 9:

How much money did Newt Gingrich get from Freddie Mac?

Anonymous said...

it is reported that N. Gingrich was a consultant for eight years @ an average of $187,500. per year. at the time that the housing loan free lunch policies were enacted by H.U.D. Secretary A. Cuomo,B.Frank,Chris Dodd.

Gingrich reportedly was adamant that these policies were flawed and would democrat listened to him.

F.Raines got $90,000,000....johnson got$23,000,000. and Jaime Gorelick got $26,000,000. (CLINTON's former Asst.A/G ),etc.etc. ALL DEMOCRATS....

some say these gov/corp. agencies were set up for racketeers to take advantage of the american taxpayer to" spread the wealth".after the fact ,do you think they are honest business entities ? i believe they want $6 Billion more bailout $ from citizens. along with $1.3 million bonus for each of ten employees. What BALLS !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Newt Gingrich got $1,500,000 from Freddie Mac. Michelle Bachmann had the integrity to call him out on this. Gingrich's response was to do a Jackie Gleason imitation: "Homina, Homina, Homina."

Anonymous said...

i will not defend gingrich ,but the truth is from 1999-2008, @ Freddie Mac for 8 years . he earned $1.5 million divided by 8 = $187,500 per year.

why did the democrats get$23 -$90 million ?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Freddie Mac was an equal opportunity brib -- err -- I mean contributor. Was Gingrich the only Republican who got paid?